Prove and Improve the Value of Marketing

Build, execute, and measure plans and budgets, while tracking expenses and business value all in one place. Get everything you need to make better decisions in real-time.


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Bridge the gap between tactical and strategic marketing.

Create marketing campaigns that maximize performance and improve marketing ROI. Measure your marketing at every level of your plan for full visibility and team efficiency.


Create your plan, apply a budget, and choose the metrics to track.


Run your campaigns, better manage expenses, and collaborate across teams.


Enhance and improve the performance of your marketing plan, budget, and campaigns.


Set new goals, easily add or subtract campaigns, and quickly reallocate budget.

Maximize your marketing potential.

Uniquely combine marketing campaigns with stated goals, performance metrics, and budget data to accurately calculate the true business value of your marketing at every level.

Validate the true business value of your marketing plan, forecast cost per outcome, ROI, profit, and LTV.

Consolidate your strategic marketing plan, budget and performance all in one place for collaboration, data insights and better decision-making.

Automate expense management, accurately manage your plan, and eliminate hours of manual effort each week.

Overcome uncertainty by proactively building flexible scenarios to quickly adjust your plan and budget throughout the year as conditions change.

Marketing teams can collaborate on plans, campaigns, budget, and performance metrics all in one place.

Manage your marketing budget to the penny to optimize your spend and drive ROI.

The Planful for Marketing Difference.

Accurately calculate your marketing down to every level–cost-per-outcome, return on investment, business value, and lifetime value.

Intuitive user experience

Simply create and manage plans, budgets, and expenses with ease and confidence.

Eliminate manual work from Marketing

Automate your budget imports, invoice entries, and expense reconciliations.

Optimize Spend With Agile Marketing

Uncover unused marketing spend to maximize budget utilization and get better returns.

Fast Go-live for Immediate ROI

Dedicated customer support gets your plans and budgets into the platform and trains your entire team to ensure success.

“Budget management dropped from 7 hours to a half hour a week, and budget accuracy improved by 20%.”

Nancy WeuthenMarketing, WeStreet

Build and Manage Winning Marketing Plans

Easily build agile marketing plans that house your goals, campaigns, budget, and performance metrics. Take back control of your marketing plan and budget to make better informed decisions, increase agility, and optimize in real-time based on accurate and insightful performance data.

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Manage and Measure Marketing Campaigns, Your Way

Manage marketing campaigns of any size from global, multi-vehicle components, to simple email campaigns. Easily house and manage the strategic elements to include goals, target audience, messaging, content, budget, expenses, and metrics.

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Track Your Budget Across Every Planned Marketing Activity

Set up and track marketing spend by goal, campaign, channel, timeframe, geography, marketing function, and even team members. Consolidate your marketing plan, avoid manual processes and automate your budget set-up. 

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Automated and Detailed Expense Management

Get quotes, invoices, and expenses out of spreadsheets. Group expenditures together in campaigns, split expenses across functions, assign GL codes and PO numbers, and attach invoices to gain unprecedented visibility for better decision making.

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Plan Your Way to Business Success!

Translate marketing effort into the language of business. Manage and measure your marketing plan and budget with an all-in-one Operational Marketing Platform that uniquely calculates cost-per-outcome, return on investment, and lifetime value in real-time.

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Integrate with Marketing’s Most Important Tools Quickly

Use native integrations to connect your marketing plan, budget, and performance with ad networks such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads, or leading CRM systems like Salesforce. Pull in data from any marketing system to bring complete visibility into marketing metrics and budget.

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Are you on track to hit your marketing goals?

Try out our FREE Marketing Metrics Funnel and Budget Builder to instantly calculate your marketing funnel metrics and determine the optimal demand generation budget needed to achieve your targets. 

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Uncover your true marketing potential.

Learn how Planful helps drive peak marketing performance management.

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