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Point, Click, Integrate

Bring all your data together to gain visibility across all sources, without the help of your IT team.

Point, Click, Integrate

1,400+ Pre-built Connectors

Our growing list of pre-built connections to the most common data sources makes getting Planful up and running easy.

Open-access RESTful API

Getting data in or out is no problem with Planful’s full set of open-access RESTful APIs.

SFTP and Direct Load Support

Have a legacy or homegrown system? Not a problem. Planful lets you load data from any source in any format.

Get Your Data Flowing Smoothly With User-friendly Integration Tools

Simply drag and drop to integrate with a low code platform and automatically import, validate, and transform data in both directions, ensuring it’s complete and unified before doing any analysis.

Finance and Accounting Systems

Bring GL balance, trial balances, and transactional data together to support the full close, consolidation, and reporting to create beautiful external reports for management.

Marketing Automation

Automate the calculation of marketing ROI through integration and invoice intelligence.

ERP, CRM, and IT

Ensure operational, sales, and infrastructure data gets into your hands in near real time. License counts, contract terms, usage, and more easily put intelligence and automation behind your planning.


Finally close the loop, your largest expense planned intelligently, by integrating your recruiting, compensation, and planning data.

Data Warehouses and BI Tools

Broaden data sets and include the latest analysis to ensure financial performance is never left to chance.


Build dynamic reports directly in Microsoft Office, with data that’s refreshed with a single click.

“The cloud-based collaboration was exactly what we wanted to empower people, both within finance and the wider business.”

Jane WatkinsVP Finance at CloudSense

Data That’s Secured by a Partner You Can Trust

Security and trust is the most important consideration when looking at software. Planful takes this responsibility more seriously than anyone. Leading the way and ensuring that your critical business data is never at risk and always secure.

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Put Your Data Wherever You Need It Most

Planful takes down the barriers that others leave up. With over 1,400 pre-built data connectors and a design studio to build your own, gone are the days of long, IT intensive data projects. Get up and running in hours, not weeks.

It’s Always Your Data

With a full suite of RESTful APIs, over 1,400 pre-built connectors, and an integration design studio, getting data in is as easy as getting data out. Planful makes having a planning loop not just possible, but second nature for everyone in the business.

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Need integrations? Planful’s got them.

All the integrations you need, right at your fingertips.

Don’t delay. Integrate with Planful today.

Learn how Planful’s market-leading integration capabilities make it the obvious choice to help drive peak financial performance.


Integrations can be scary, Planful is here to guide you and make it as easy as point, click, integrate.

No, Planful does not place any data limits on its customers. If you need it, bring it in and don’t worry about it.

There are no limits to the number of data sources a customer can have. We have customers with 1 and we have customers with dozens. The number of sources is up to you and your business.

Data can be transferred as often as you like. We will work with you to identify a frequency that makes sense based on the type of data and the source. For example, GL data might make sense to bring in a few times a day versus your HRIS or payroll system data, which might make sense to only bring in weekly or monthly.

We get it, businesses change and so do your data sources. You can easily set up new integrations or have Planful help you. Just call or email us and we can get you headed in the right direction, or can even set everything up for you.

Your data is secure in Planful. Review our trust and security page to learn why.

If your data is in it, we can integrate with it. Planful has a full toolbox when it comes to integrations, and we have never met an integration we couldn’t get done.

Planful’s integration approach is different. We leverage a combination of technologies that give you, the customer, the best possible integration experience. This is what keeps us on the leading edge with a full library of open RESTful APIs, and tools like SFTP when you need them.

If you can access the data, then we can integrate with it. Planful has yet to meet a system it couldn’t be friends with. This includes hundreds of your most commonly used systems and even fully custom homegrown applications and data stores.

From the surface, it all has to do with efficiently getting data from point a to point b. Integration refers to the ability for systems where data is stored to talk to one another in a common language. This facilitates data moving from the source to the destination in either a single direction or bi-directionally. Sometimes this is through a direct system-to-system exchange of data, but occasionally there are intermediate steps called translation. An ETL process is then used to extract data from the source, transform the data to a format and language the destination can understand, and finally load the data into the destination. Regardless of the method, automation is key because it means your data is just there, when you need it, and without any manual effort required.

If your data is stored offline, as a hard copy, or in a vault, Planful might need some extra time to get things setup. But if you need it, we will find a way to integrate it.

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