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Revolutionize Your SIOP Process for a Unified Operational Strategy

Gathering the data necessary to make sales, inventory, and operations planning (SIOP) decisions shouldn’t be a slow, manual process. Accelerate insights and overcome volatility with unprecedented resilience.

1,500+ Customers Trust Planful's Operations Planning Software

Align people, process, and technology for maximum impact.

Orchestrate outcomes, drive demand, and exceed customer expectations by eliminating planning blind spots in your sales, inventory, and operations plans.

The Planful Difference for Operations Planning

A modern SIOP process that brings operational planning excellence together with financial performance and aligns with business objectives.

Build collaborative financial plans that align company-wide resources with strategic goals and objectives.

Gain deeper insights into financial performance across the enterprise and evaluate alternative courses of action.

Bring in the data you need and get help from AI to see further and react sooner.

Make informed decisions to confidently anticipate the right moves for revenue, cost, and profit optimization.

Model hundreds of scenarios reliably to determine optimal adjustments and pivots as business conditions change.

“Planful helps us save time and increase transparency, and that enhances our value and strengthens our relationship with our global business leaders.”

Lauren Bissell,FP&A Manager

Dynamically Drive Inventory and Ops Plans

Create fully-connected plans so sales, inventory, and operations teams are always in sync, for any level of data—product, SKU, and even bills of materials.

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Use KPIs and Metrics, Insightfully

Use a drag-and-drop calculation builder to automatically update templates, dashboards, and reports to evaluate the impacts of plan changes. Go one step further and get automatically alerted when decisions cause KPIs or metrics to be out of alignment with targets.

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Collaborate With the Decision Makers

Drive planning information out to the decision makers with an intuitive interface that can be shared to prompt adjustments in real-time and with only a few clicks.

Get Planful for Sales and Operations Planning.

Learn how Planful helps SIOP teams drive peak financial performance.

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