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Plan with Speed and Agility

Plans, budgets, and forecasts need to reflect the reality of today’s competitive landscape. Making decisions based off of stale trends opens your business up for missing revenue targets and misallocated funds. Gathering the data necessary to make insightful decisions should not be a manual time-consuming process.

Find it difficult to deliver timely information?
Too much guesswork off of outdated data?
Siloed approaches to planning the year?

Planful helps align your strategic business objectives with planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes to drive actionable insights across your business.  Eliminate the manual process of compiling spreadsheets providing your team with the time to analyze past performance and proactively adjust the forecast to adjust your business as the market changes.

Tim ZueEVP & CFO at
Boston Red Sox

“Our forecast system was error prone and time intensive. Now, we can create multiple scenarios, and we have immediate visibility. What used to take us days now takes us minutes with the click of a button.”

Take Back Your Time from Manual Processes

Reduce time spent creating budgets and forecasts of disconnected financial systems. Automate data collection and alleviate the risk of inaccuracy. Save time for your team to focus on bringing insights to the business.

Course Correct With Accuracy

Explore decisions from every angle with operational and financial models, financial plans, and forecasts built to drive actionable insight as new opportunities arise and market trends shift.

Empower Leaders Across the Business

Adapt to strategic changes across the business aligning with both executives and your business partners.

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Accelerate Planning with Pre-Built Financial Intelligence

Navigate through your FP&A cycles with ease using pre-built templates for any planning, budget, or forecasting you have in mind. Built-in financial intelligence automatically stores, categorizes and presents your data based on accounting properties.

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Adapt to Any Scenario with Accuracy

Identify risks and abnormalities through current trends and plan for their impact.  Utilize multiple scenarios to assess the financial impact of decisions and pivot as the market changes.

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Collaborate on Plans Securely

Communicate with budget owners as they track actuals and update financial plans. Everyone is on the same page when assumptions are posted directly on financial plans, not lost in emails.

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