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Future-Proof Your Business With the Power of Workforce Planning

Make critical HR decisions with the right information to build a resilient, productive workforce and stay in front of a disruptive business environment with Planful’s workforce planning software.

Future-Proof Your Business With the Power of Workforce Planning

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1,500+ Customers Trust Planful's Workforce Planning Software

Show the world what your workforce can do.

Planful helps you tackle workforce planning using accurate and current data from across the business.  By simplifying and automating time-consuming tasks with powerful workforce planning tools and building alignment across departments, you’ll have more time to create a stronger people strategy.

The Planful Difference For Future-Proof Workforce Planning Software

Build alignment using workforce planning tools across departments that help you create a people strategy articulated in a common language.

Easily build models and what-if scenarios, report on key results, and collaborate with leaders across the business to bring your workforce planning to life.

Solve talent challenges by connecting financial and operational data to highlight gaps, project people costs, and build an optimized headcount and strategic workforce planning process.

Team with Finance to conquer HR challenges and gain visibility and insight into budgets, people, and team strategies while building trust across the business.

Speed and agility like no other workforce planning solution

Build alignment across departments by helping you create a people strategy articulated in a common language.

End-to-end solution

From talent acquisition to managing the financial performance of the organization's workforce—Planful does it all.

No IT involvement

Get up and running in no time and without the need for IT support with an easy-to-manage platform.

High impact, high visibility

Work better and faster with other business units to maximize efficiency gains using workforce planning software.

Access to the right data

Gain insight into the allocation, cost, and retention of your human capital.

“User adoption was critical for us and Planful provided a super-elegant solution users could get up and running with very quickly, and that proved to be true.”

Robby LeBourveauDirector, Finance at ProMach

Achieve Goal Driven Strategic HR Planning

Plan with confidence and vision to ensure you’re effectively allocating resources to achieve company goals. Analyze data on workforce demographics, skills, and performance to identify areas where improvements can be made and executed.

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Compensation Models That Leave Nothing to Chance

Ensure your compensation strategy pays off in the long run by hiring and retaining the right people, and incentivizing them in the right directions with workforce planning tools.

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Capacity Planning for Complete Coverage

Assemble a dream team with the right skills, availability, and workload. Create scenarios to model changes in demand and capacity. Anticipate future needs, avoid over/under-staffing, and allocate resources more efficiently. Use a single source of truth to holistically increase productivity, reduce costs, and drive better financial performance.

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Workforce Planning that Brings Your People Together

Use accurate headcount data as the foundation of more effective planning, whether you're aiming to establish growth targets, prepare for mergers and acquisitions, or simply developing a more precise forecast.

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Learn how Planful can help HR teams drive peak financial performance.

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