The Planful Way


Bringing The Planful Way to Life

We take our culture seriously at Planful. It guides us in holding ourselves and each other accountable to create an environment that pushes us all to be our best. It also puts our values into practice through these “behaviors of greatness”:

We are shapers, not takers.

We are empowered to make anything and everything better.

We take action.

We make decisions quickly but course-correct just as quickly when we’re wrong.

We go to the source.

We love direct, effective communication because it’s more efficient.

We are problem solvers.

We approach challenges in a structured way and with a view towards the solution.

We don’t just check a box.

We focus on outcomes, mindful of improving the process along the way.

We are authentic.

We show up as ourselves and allow others to be themselves and appreciate them for it.

We celebrate our teams

We celebrate our wins, the effort, and the progress, and we celebrate each other.

The Planful Way Guides These Behaviors

We are a collection of individuals who expect the best from ourselves and others. We can also inspire others to be their best when we behave with greatness. You should expect nothing less from your colleagues. And, at Planful, we deliver.

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