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Revenue Planning Your Way

From complex SaaS cohort modeling to detailed plans by SKU and customer, Planful can handle it all.

1,400+ Customers Trust Planful’s Sales Planning Software

Markets are dynamic, so why shouldn’t your sales planning and management be?

Plan your sales the way you go to market, track progress along the way, adjust in real time as markets change, and quickly run and save unlimited scenarios.

The Planful Difference for Sales Planning

Bring every bit of product, customer, contract, and order data into Planful.

Easily pressure test your plans, shake the sand out, and create sales projections with Planful’s native AI/ML.

Get all the stakeholders to the table with Planful’s frictionless user experience and stop fighting with clunky spreadsheets.

“Finance and Sales developed, using the Planful template capabilities, a rolling sales forecast that is updated every month to extend the yearly horizon.” 

Mark Cohen, VP of Finance

Finally, Link Everything Together for Sales Planning

With a live integration to your CRM and GL, all your customer data is together in one place, making modeling cohorts, renewals, churn, upsell, and descoping simple.

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No Level of Detail Is Too Granular

As your customer base, markets, distributors, resellers, SKUs, and everything else continue to grow, Planful can easily scale along with your needs and without compromise.

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Powerful Analytics and Insights 

With intuitive sales reporting, dashboarding, and native predictive analytics, unlock your unparalleled ability to not just plan, but understand the impacts your sales plan has on quotas, travel, and more.

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Work effortlessly with the Office of the CFO.

Regardless of how you approach financial planning, Planful is the perfect companion for Sales teams to drive peak financial performance.

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