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Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Projections Tailored To Financial Performance Management

Planful Predict is a suite of capabilities powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that understands your business and identifies patterns regardless of the volatility. Then, Predict: Signals alerts you to errors, while Predict: Projections creates smarter forecasts—all using proprietary algorithms built natively into the Planful platform. Predict delivers practical intelligence to help you make more confident decisions with greater speed, agility, and accuracy.

AI-driven Anomaly Detection

Predict: Signals finds and flags risk, errors, and outliers, giving you time to collaborate, take corrective action, and move on.

ML-driven Planning Projections

Predict: Projections analyzes past data to build accurate forecasts and budgets for a solid baseline that accelerates planning cycles.

Your Always-on Intelligent Teammate

Planful Predict is your team’s tireless assistant, reviewing millions of data points 24x7 so you can do more.

More Time to Focus on What Matters

Planful Predict eliminates slow, manual error-checking and manual forecasting so conversations can focus on higher-risk concerns.

What we’re able to get from Planful Predict, plus the business user experience, lets us start to move towards true xP&A so we can bring more value to the business.

Luis MartinezSr. Manager, FP&A at Rocket Software

Predict: Signals for Continuous Anomaly Detection

Stop mistakes, broken formulas, and errors in financial planning processes before you make decisions. Predict: Signals alerts you to numbers that seem off, giving you time to adjust, resolve, or validate data so you can act with confidence. No data scientists required.

Predict: Projections for Large-scale Forecasting

Build accurate forecasts and budget scenarios backed by AI-driven projections so planning cycles can start with a trusted baseline. With three or more years of historical data, Predict: Projections builds baselines without bias and accelerates planning cycles, and you set the parameters.

Embedded Capabilities, Proprietary Technology

While others focus on hype, Planful Predict adds practical, purpose-built AI capabilities across the Planful Platform to help you reduce risk, make better decisions, and spend time where it matters most. Since it’s native and proprietary, your data doesn’t leave Planful, remains secure, and is never shared with third parties. And Planful Predict has zero impact on the performance of the Planful Platform.

Now’s the time. Make your move on AI.

Learn how Planful Predict’s AI capabilities help you achieve peak financial performance.

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