Simplify Planning for IT Spend and Projects

Connect your IT strategy and outcomes to a single source of truth to drive accountability with agility and efficiency.

1,300+ Customers Trust Planful

Connect IT plans across the entire business.

Shift the focus to execution by automating the planning for licenses, hardware, and more, knowing the plan always is error-free because it adapts to changes in your business.

Answer Questions With Confidence

Bring IT and Finance together to ensure everything from broad digital transformations to pinpoint hardware upgrades run with efficiency and impact.

Compare actual vendor spend to plan and identify billing errors immediately.

Let your scenarios adjust themselves as business plans change so you can focus on uptime and security.

Keep your project plans up to date with ease and aligned with the financial goals and operational objectives.

"Bringing in operational metrics enables us to spot things we couldn’t have seen before so that the financials make a lot more sense for our operational managers." 

Dwight LloydFinancial Controller

Capture Costs With Accuracy

Connect licensing costs directly to the headcount that consumes it and gain the confidence that you’ll never be under or over budget again.

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Forecast Hardware and Other Expenses

Let AI take the guesswork out of planning by creating an accurate baseline so you can focus on what matters; spend tied to strategic initiatives, substantial business changes, or unexpected items.

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Make Project Planning a Breeze 

Plan projects down to the resource and deliverable easier than ever using flexible modeling and scenario analysis. Use adaptable, intuitive templates to ease cross-functional collaboration, minimize effort, and kickstart the planning process.

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