Supercharge Your Processes with Native AI and ML

Revolutionize decision-making with Predict, our market-leading, embedded AI and ML solution that empowers you to optimize human judgment and harness intelligent recommendations across the Planful Platform.

Supercharge Your Processes with Native AI and ML

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Let Everyone Work Smarter, Not Harder

Uniquely combine marketing campaigns with stated goals, performance metrics, and budget data to accurately calculate the true business value of your marketing at every level.

For Finance

Gain unprecedented forecast accuracy and accelerate the review process.

For Accounting

Close and report with confidence knowing the numbers are complete and accurate.

For Marketing

Gain insights and make better decisions with spend and ROI intelligence.

For Sales

Project the sales baseline and pressure test the commits for higher accuracy.

For IT

Shift the focus to execution by automating planning for licenses, hardware, and more, all with error-free confidence.

For Operations

Remove the worry from SIOP and be confident your plans are aligned with broader business goals.

"We can rely on Predict to indicate where we need to spend our attention and where we don’t.”

Robby LeBourveauDirector of Finance, ProMach

Get Another Pair of Eyes Working 24/7

Stop wasting time reviewing millions of data points each cycle and still not knowing if you missed anything. Let Predict find those errors, outliers, and anomalies so you can sleep soundly every night.

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Allow All Your Business Users to Reach Peak Performance

Team up with your spending decision makers by empowering them to own their plans. Let AI flag plan risk, errors, and things that just don’t look right before they submit so it comes to Finance error free and with exception commentary at the ready.

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Piece Of Mind With Predict By Your Side

Make reviewing actuals and performing flux analysis a breeze with Planful’s embedded AI/ML. Not just for the future, Predict rapidly tests your financials to find potential errors or missed entries. Use contextual thresholds to make sure you have the entire picture, and then relax–knowing you’re not missing anything.

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Secure and Compliant, Always

Planful takes security seriously, which is why our AI/ML engine is native in our product. Unlike others, your data never leaves your Planful vault. It’s always completely secure and never shared with third parties. Planful gives you cutting edge AI/ML technology without exposing your data to others.

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All the integrations you need, right at your fingertips.

Now’s the time. Make your move on AI.

Learn how AI can help you reach peak financial performance.


FAQs You got my attention, but I have a few questions first.

No, Predict is designed with every Planful user in mind, from a department budget owner to a Planful admin. Just like everything in Planful, there are no data scientists required to use it.

Predict is a native part of Planful. We simply turn it on and you are up and running, no consulting required. It’s that simple.

The Predict foundation is a proprietary, patent-pending application of advanced statistical, AI, and ML techniques specifically designed to work with and learn from your financial data.

Yes, through Predict Advanced, you can use our native development platform to experiment with over 25 pre-built methods, or even build your own right inside of Planful.

No, of course not. Predict uses an innovative human-in-the-loop design so you are always in charge. Predict is simply assisting, helping accelerate your processes while increasing accuracy and decreasing errors.

For most data, Predict is effective with as little as 3 years or 36 data points. More is better, of course, and we also have innovative tools to allow you to easily exclude data and even dynamically change sensitivities.

No, Planful has built over a year of R&D into Predict. White-label versions simply don’t work, it doesn't handle financial data well. Planful experts have been hard at work to build Predict with proprietary, patent-pending technology that is embedded into the Planful Platform’s architecture.

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