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Plan Often and Accurately to Keep Up with Change

Annual plans are static on day one and unable to account for market volatility and shifting trends. With outdated information, your business is at risk when decisions are made without visibility into the periods ahead.

Relying on static, out of date assumptions?
Struggling to manage your data?
Siloed budgeting processes?

Planful helps your business adjust for sudden changes while staying in line with your strategic goals through rolling forecasts. Continually rolling planning periods while adjusting key drivers will keep your forecasts current and your business agile. Give your team insight into the impact of decisions made over the next year, not time-boxed into the current fiscal year.

Tim ZueExecutive Vice President & CFO at Boston Red Sox

“We’ve transformed from 2 forecasts per year, to quarterly forecasts, and now to monthly forecasts.”

Gain Agility with Accurate, Versatile Forecasting

Reduce time spent updating forecasts. Automatically assess the impact of actuals on forecasted trends. Assess the impact of key drivers to create forecasts that are updated regularly to accommodate for any changes and trends.

Improve Risk Analysis As You Adapt to Change

Identify opportunities and risks quickly as the business landscape changes. Adjust assumptions, alter budget allocations, and pivot spending as you respond to shifts with timely decision making.

Create Alignment Across Key Drivers and Teams

Focus your efforts on key drivers that are most critical to impacting the business. With collaboration across departments, build aligned rolling forecasts in less time, less effort, and more attention to results.

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Make Decisions Off Accurate Financial Performance

Gain insight into the real-time drivers of performance to optimize current period results and inform future plans. Accurate rolling forecasts provide the insight to redirect resources and priorities to align with business objectives.

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Control the Forecasting Process

Track submission status, assign responsibilities, stay ahead of deadlines, and collaborate with budget owners to ease budgeting and forecasting. Automatically send updates to relevant stakeholders with present actions and prompts for needed information.

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Respond to Time-Sensitive Changes with Centralized Data

Ensure a single source of truth from a centralized, secure data store that brings together disparate operational systems, spreadsheets, and financial plans. Have control and governance over all your data.

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