Compensation Modeling for Business Success

Compensation Models That Leave Nothing to Chance

The right mix of compensation, incentives, and benefits can help attract the right people, motivate your workforce, and retain top performers. But myriad moving parts force spreadsheet-driven compensation models that rely on estimates. Make a mistake and workers leave, money is wasted, or goals are missed.

Frustrated with complex, error-prone spreadsheets to model compensation?
Struggling to answer questions and build data-driven compensation plans?
Slow, manual models unable to keep up fast-moving trends and ever-tighter job markets?

Planful helps you develop accurate, data-driven compensation analysis based on real-time business and financial data. Put organizational goals and at the center so you can build a workforce plan that supports business demand while granularly modeling the costs and investments needed to get there. Use complex and varying combinations of equity, incentives, bonuses, benefits, and more to accurately model costs and plan ahead, and then benchmark against the competition and others in your sector.

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How Planful Helps You

  • Accurate Compensation AnalysisGain real-time insights into compensation across roles, regions, titles, and more. Use granular compensation analysis to increase retention and improve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). Analyze base versus incentive compensation and benchmark against peers.
  • Align Compensation Plans With Financial GoalsConnect performance with workforce plans to justify compensation models, fill gaps, and increase competitiveness. See how overtime impacts profitability and new hiring affects long-term goals. Work from the same data to ensure accuracy and alignment.
  • Create Competitive Pay PackagesCreate fair, data-driven compensation plans that motivate workers and drive success. Consider the end-to-end impact of market trends, skills gaps, training, and worker expectations. Collaborate with finance and accounting teams to align compensation and financial goals.
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“Whether it’s workforce planning, budgets, or anything else, the ease of spinning up new scenarios in Planful is just brilliant.”

Ben BlakeFinancial Controller, CloudMargin

“Whether it’s workforce planning, budgets, or anything else, the ease of spinning up new scenarios in Planful is just brilliant.”


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