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Marketing ROI To Validate Your Marketing Effort

Prove and improve Marketing’s true business value.

Marketing ROI To Validate Your Marketing Effort

Marketing ROI Performance Visibility

Combine performance and spend metrics to create granular, data-driven ROI analysis and justify the return on every marketing dollar for every marketing campaign. Integrate with sales data to estimate marketing contribution. Easily calculate marketing ROIs at any level, no matter how large the budget or complex the program.

Can’t justify Marketing’s financial impact?
Tied to rigid planning tools not built for marketing?
Trouble speaking the language of finance and accounting?

Planful helps you prove the value of marketing effort with financial metrics the c-suite can quickly fold into overall organizational performance and planning analysis. Granular ROI details bring more visibility into marketing investments versus returns to make better decisions and quickly redeploy resources based on profitability.

How Planful Helps You

Understand cost per outcome, ROI, and LTV to reallocate budget to top-performing campaigns.

Connect plans and budgets with business metrics. Deploy ROI-driven marketing strategies that deliver financial impact.

Assign goals to every marketing campaign, channel, and dollar spent. See ROI performance metrics against stated goals.

“Working with [Marketing Performance Management] has been awesome! It is easy to set up and my teams found it simple to use.”

Mark GeremiaVP Marketing at Nuance

Define the Value of Marketing

Measure, monitor, and communicate the business value of marketing, even across large discretionary budgets. Consolidate marketing plans, budgets, and metrics to quickly answer questions. Calculate the return on every campaign and overall marketing plans to justify the spend in the language of finance and accounting.

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Measure Marketing at Every Level

Automatically calculate cost-per-outcome (CPO), ROI, and profit at the channel, campaign, and overall marketing plan levels. Gain deeper understanding of performance measurement, track marketing effectiveness more closely, and clearly define strategic business value for better decision-making.

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Connect Marketing To Profit

Prove and detail the strategic impact of marketing using terminology other executives understand and trust. Measure the profit of marketing by gross margin, contribution margin, or EBITDA. Create better alignment with the CEO and Office of the CFO to collaborate on budgets and expansion.

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Optimize Plans and Budgets

Connect marketing plans and performance to lead, opportunity, and sales goals for a true understanding of marketing performance. Measure marketing ROI, CPO, profit, and lifetime value (LTV), get an apples-to-apples comparison of marketing options, and use comprehensive visibility to optimize plans and budgets towards macro business goals.

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