Trust Your Data Through a Transparent Financial Data Integration Platform

Data is a critical component to consolidating, planning, and analyzing your business. Your data processing must be repeatable, automated, and secure to ensure you can trust your data and focus on your part of the process. Reduce manual intervention with your data and gain trust through automated data integration. Planful’s automatic data processing imports/exports, validates, and transforms data with ease including over 200+ prebuilt connectors. Integrate seamlessly and trust your data to focus on – Cloud financial planning and analysis solutions for modern FP&A teams.

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Trust Your Data Through a Transparent Financial Data Integration Platform

Key Advantages Of Our Financial Data Integration Platform

Transparent & Trusted

Automatic data processing imports, validates, and transforms all data ensuring data is complete and unified before assessing the data. Native workflows and audit trails ensure transparency as data and metadata update. Automate data & metadata maintaining synchrony across your technology platforms with workflow driven processing.

Automate & Flexible

With multiple financial data integration options, align your integrations with your broader IT strategy. Easily adjust from manual, to automatic data processing as your maturity with the data integration platform grows or automation needs change. Advanced options including fully documented API library for configured integrations.

Simple & Powerful

Drag and drop UI including graphical data transformation with a low code platform ensures speed and flexibility. Choose from over 200+ pre-built connectors for both cloud and on-premises technologies. Centralized management to monitor the health and activity of all deployed integrations.

Key Features Of Our Data Processing Software

Secure, Reliable, Robust

Connect to any enterprise system and ensure the right data is being retrieved, transformed, validated, and loaded into Planful so it is meaningful and always accurate. With Planful’s financial data integration you can be ensured that your data integration process flow is repeatable, automated, and secure while providing robust audit trails required by internal and external auditors.

Data Source Agnostic

Financial planning and analysis data comes in many shapes and sizes, with that you need the flexibility to integrate with any number of source systems. With over 200+ prebuilt connectors our financial data integration supports integrations with a variety of data sources and data types. Planful provides powerful, bi-directional data integration capabilities allowing access to data from ERP, HCM, CRM, data warehouses, spreadsheets, and many more, whether they are on-premises or cloud-based.

Transparency Through Control

Ensure the Planful FP&A platform is in sync with your transaction systems through workflow driven data integration software. Use modern FP&A software to achieve trust in your data integration process through guided workflows. Understand changes in your data through audit logs, trust data completeness of your import and export processes with multiple validation points throughout the data integration process flow.

Data Integration with Planful

Customers discuss the benefits and ease of integrating multiple data systems with Planful.

This customer testimonial includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.



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