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Webinar: Removing the Walls Between Finance and Marketing

Planning both CFOs and CMOs can agree on.

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Watch on-demand now for an overview of our acquisition of Plannuh, a Planful company.

We’ve sat down with Rowan Tonkin, Chief Marketing Officer, Planful and Scott Todaro, VP, Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Solutions to dig into the growing rift between marketing and finance. During this discussion, we’ll highlight the issues that are causing disconnects between the marketing and finance teams, and how best to fix them. This webinar will teach marketers how to speak the language of finance to help CFOs see the true business value of marketing.

During this on-demand session you will learn how to:

  • Create your 2023 marketing plan working with the CFO to build consensus and support
  • Calculate and report marketing performance in the KPIs and terms the CFO understands (ROI, profit and lifetime Value)
  • Manage your marketing budget more efficiently to optimize your spend and avoid going under or over budget
  • And so much more!

Plus, stick around for a quick demo of Marketing Performance Management.

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