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Webinar: How Finance Teams Can Transform Close and Consolidation in 2022

Watch on-demand for an in-depth look at trends and key insights about the close and consolidation process in 2022

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Discover finance transformation trends and key insights. Watch on-demand now!


Close and consolidation does not need to be a daunting task dreaded by your finance team! We sat down with KeenVision finance management experts to dive into how companies can leverage financial technology to expedite the close and consolidation process every finance team takes part in.

Watch on-demand for an in-depth look at trends and key insights followed by a presentation featuring guest speaker Marisa Loyer, Director of Financial Services at KeenVision, Joel Jarratt, Managing Director at KeenVision and Dan Mier, Domain Principal at Planful.

Here are a few key takeaways your finance team can expect:

  • How the technology landscape for financial close and consolidation will evolve in 2022 and beyond
  • Strategies for being able to report on multiple sets of books
  • Effective ways to track and report on management financials and ProForma information
  • Ways to leverage Planful Consolidation for alternate bases of Accounting

Watch On-demand Now!


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