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How Finance Leaders Prepare For Growth With Dynamic Planning

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How Finance Leaders Prepare For Growth With Dynamic Planning

For companies that undergo rapid growth while operating in an economic climate where frequent change is the norm, a dynamic approach can provide finance teams with a sturdy framework for planning. But many companies are accustomed to a static and retroactive approach to planning, so they are unable to employ dynamic planning in an increasingly unpredictable environment for doing business.

In this webinar, we outline what finance leaders need to know about dynamic planning, including:

  • What distinguishes dynamic planning from a traditional approach to planning,
  • What characterizes companies that are most likely to implement dynamic planning successfully,
  • What technological advances support dynamic planning,
  • How to garner support for dynamic planning throughout your company
  • How to establish, as well as sustain, best practices in dynamic planning to enable your company to achieve greater agility in preparation for 2020.

*This presentation may include references to Host Analytics, which is now known as Planful.*

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