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On-Demand Webinar

Cut Through the Chaos With a Smarter Close

Get access to our 30-minute conversation with Adra by Trintech on how you can develop a smarter, more modern close process today.

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On Demand Webinar with Planful & Adra by Trintech

We’re hurtling into 2022 with continued unpredictability and even more pressure on Finance and Accounting to modernize, accelerate, and increase agility and flexibility.

You can either keep working nights and weekends, stressing instead of sleeping, or act now to speed close cycles, have more time for strategic thinking, and keep your teams energized and excited.

Watch our engaging 30-minute conversation on demand to discover how you can develop a smarter, more modern close process today. In this short webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How a smarter close brings increased collaboration, speed, and effectiveness.
  • Why a tight partnership between Finance and Accounting is critical to modernization.
  • How technology can enhance finance and accounting people and processes.

Register now for this concise yet insightful webinar.

Cut Through the Chaos With a Smarter Close

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