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Planning for Uncertainty: The Building Blocks of Agile FP&A

How important is agility in FP&A to better managing uncertainty? Watch on-demand today to hear from an expert panel featuring executives from Planful, Volvo, and Walmart.

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Watch and learn from an international panel of Finance experts.

As was famously proclaimed by Pericles, the powerful politician of ancient Greece: “The key is not to predict the future but to be prepared for it.”

At times like this, agile FP&A can help to move through uncertainty and come up with a plan of action. At this webinar, we will look at the importance of agility in FP&A to better manage uncertainty. To improve the decision-making process, FP&A needs to transform. 

During the webinar we will cover the following aspects:

  • Cone of Uncertainty for FP&A
  • Adaptive and Agile Planning
  • Agile FP&A Solutions and Architecture

Watch on-demand today to hear from Shane Hansen, Planful CFO, Johan Hoff, SVP Region Europe North & Central at Volvo Financial Services, and Michael Huthwaite, Corporate Finance Director at Walmart.

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