Essential, Pro Support and Pro Support Plus Package Terms

Post deployment support is provided in accordance with the table below. Support packages are only applicable to Planful products.

Essential / Standard Pro Support  Pro Support Plus
Consulting Services Hours 0 Platinum, Gold & Silver: 40 hours/12 months  Platinum, Gold & Silver: 40 hours/12 months
Administration Services Hours 0 0 Platinum, Gold & Silver: 15 hours/month
Planful Academy Access Platinum: 5 usersGold: 4 usersSilver: 3 users Platinum, Gold & Silver: Unlimited Platinum, Gold & Silver: Unlimited
Eligible Technical Support Services Silver Packages* Gold and Platinum Packages only Gold and Platinum Packages only

*Standard Support only

Response times for the Technical Support Services are in accordance with the Service Level Addendum (SLA).

  • Consulting Services. 40 hours of Consulting Services for each 12 calendar month period must be used within 12 months of the given contractual term. Unused hours from the respective 12 month period expire and do not roll over. Client may purchase additional hours as needed. Projects, consultations, and any other usage of consulting hours needs to be scheduled in advance to ensure resource availability.
  • Administration Services. Administration Services are to be used within each month of the 12 months term .Unused hours from the respective month expire and do not roll over to the following month or the following 12 month term. In the event more than 15 hours are used in a given month, Planful will send an invoice for each hour over at a rate of $175/hr. Planful will use its best efforts to respond to Planful Administration Services requests within 4 hours of their written submission via email to the assigned administrator within the working hours. The working hours are : 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday EST. Client-requested modifications to existing artifacts or creation of new artifacts will fall under the 40 hour Consulting Services component.

* Consulting Services include any new development/implementation work, including items such as report generation, customization, augmentation, modification, or any other consulting engagements.

* Administration Services include services to perform maintenance on the application that is required each period or within a period. Examples include maintenance to templates and reports when moving between planning/forecasting periods, remapping to new scenarios or adjusting security for new/existing users. Other examples include hierarchy & substitution variable updates, changes to DLRs (Data Load Rules).

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