Tips for Marketing and Finance Pros To Maximize Your Value from Planful Perform23

Tips for Marketing and Finance Pros To Maximize Your Value from Planful Perform23

There are just a few short weeks until Planful Perform23 comes to the Marriott Marquis in Chicago, Illinois, and to the desktops of finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and other professionals who join the live stream of the entire event. We’ll all be there to learn, share, and grow together as you discover new ways to treat financial performance management as a team sport in your organization.

Register now to join us at Perform23 in Chicago or on the completely free virtual event. Either way it’s a slam dunk because we’ll have over 35 hours of live sessions, workshops, keynotes, networking events, and more. You’ll see customer-led sessions from Zappos, Rocket Software, Merchants Fleet, and others, plus panel discussions, and technical breakouts, all designed to help leaders from across the business team up to win.

Run on over to the Perform23 registration page for a look at the latest schedule and speakers.

How To Get the Most Out of Perform23

Perform23 has expanded this year with inaugural sessions specifically tailored to marketing leaders, with four hands-on workshops designed to help marketing teams achieve operational marketing excellence. With that team spirit and collaboration in mind, we asked Scott Todaro, Planful’s Vice President, Planful for Marketing (and former CMO at Plannuh, acquired by Planful in 2022), and Chris Edwards, Planful’s VP of Finance, to pick some highlights from the lineup for attendees in their respective domains.

For Marketers Attending Planful Perform23

Scott recommends marketers heading to Perform23, both in-person or virtually, attend the marketing workshops offered on days 1 and 2. Four sessions will be focused on achieving operational marketing excellence, with dedicated sessions on building and executing an operational marketing plan, leading an operational marketing team, and optimizing a marketing budget to realize positive ROI.

Perform23 also provides a unique opportunity for marketing leaders to better understand and empathize with their colleagues on the finance team. On day 2, “How CMOs and CFOs Can Team Up To Drive Business Success” should provide some honest but entertaining insights on the challenges both departments face working together and best practices on how to improve their working relationship, said Scott. That session will be led by Planful’s CMO, Rowan Tonkin, and CFO, Dan Fletcher.

“Marketing attendees would do well to catch a few of the Planful product sessions to understand how the Planful Platform brings the marketing, finance, and accounting teams together through insightful data and reporting,” Scott added. “Financial discipline will be critical for marketers in 2023, as will strategic planning and ROI measurement, so check out the product keynote on day 1 to get a sneak preview of what’s coming next in the Planful Platform.”

For Finance Professionals Attending Planful Perform23

Chris says he’s especially interested in hearing the sessions from Planful customers. It’s always enlightening to hear how other finance teams overcame challenges and ran creative plays to go from underdog to frontrunner, adds Chris. Since the finance game today is such a constant onslaught of uncertainty, Chris points to the “Navigating Change and Delivering Value” session from Steve Vore, Director of Treasury Services, at Builders Mutual Insurance, and “Discussing Uncertainty” with Erik Nakamura, CFO at Orange Comet.

For all attendees, Chris says his recommendation for M.V.P. (most valuable Perform23 session) is the “Customer Chat: Keeping Everyone’s Eye On the Ball in 2023” hosted by Kimberly Simms, Chief Customer Officer on day 2. Everyone loves to hear the story behind the customer experience, adds Chris, and you’ll only have this one chance to hear from so many Planful customers all at once.

Chris is also eager to hear Planful’s CFO and CMO take the gloves off in their “Candid Conversation Between a CFO & CMO” session, and recommends the “Best Practice Workforce Planning Reports” for both finance and HR leaders gearing up to attend Perform23. “These two sessions are not to be missed,” Chris emphasized, adding that it’s critical to have alignment and partnership between finance and other areas of the business.

“Perform23 is a fantastic professional development opportunity for finance and accounting teams,” said Chris. “Hearing how leading companies are tackling finance and accounting challenges, networking with peers, and earning CPE credits—it’s all available at this event. Attending—even if you just stream the free virtual event—is a no-brainer for everyone in the Office of the CFO.”

Bring Your “A” Game To Planful Perform23

Chris and Scott barely scratched the surface on what’s available for finance, accounting, marketing, HR, sales, IT, and operations decision-makers at Perform23. Check out the Perform23 registration page for the full rundown of what’s happening at the event and, obviously, sign yourself up! If you can’t make it to Chicago, then join the free virtual event. Either way, the value proposition of attending Perform23 is a home run, hole in one, hat trick, and two-point conversion, all in one. See, financial performance management truly is a team sport.

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