Planful Perform 2022 Coming to Las Vegas in May

Planful Perform 2022 Coming to Las Vegas in May

Planful Perform 2022 is heading to Las Vegas this coming May 23-25! You can’t afford to miss the year’s conference for finance and accounting professionals. 

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We’re still working on the details, but you can expect Perform 2022 to be a beacon for industry experts and practitioners, leading analysts and influencers, and scores of Planful customers, partners, and executives.

The event is happening on May 23-25, 2022, at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas. Register today to stay up to date on the Perform 2022 sessions, speakers, and news! 

Better Together in 2022

If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that finance and accounting need agility, productivity, and connectivity. But you can’t get there alone. Even if you’re a one-person finance and accounting dynamo, it’s critical to work more closely with the business to achieve success. Decisions, plans, forecasts, strategies, models—everything is better when you work together

Better, Together is our mantra for Perform 2022. It’s a better experience when we’re together, sharing insights and supporting one another. Perform 2022 is bringing finance and accounting professionals, thought leaders, industry experts, Planful customers, Planful executives, and many more to reconnect, collaborate, and maximize each others’ impact. This is your chance to lead through change, transform finance and accounting processes, and accelerate decisions in all corners of the business.

We’re modeling Perform 2022 on the unprecedented success of the most recent Perform. As uncertainty and change defined 2021, we kept this vital forum for finance and accounting professionals alive by reworking it into an entirely virtual event. It turned out to be a bigger and better event for everyone. And we were still together, albeit virtually.

Perform 2021 attracted and entertained over 1,500 attendees across two days as 35 illustrious, informed, and energetic influencers, customers, product experts, and partners delivered 20 hours of thought-provoking topics and dynamic discussions. You can watch the entire 2021 event on-demand, but here are just a few of the highlights:

But if you think Perform 2021 was a blast, Perform 2022 will be even better! 

Let’s Get Together In Vegas this Coming May

We really do hope to see you May 22-23 in Las Vegas. We’re keeping your safety in mind as we plan, but we’re also expecting this to be an extremely popular event. If you’re in finance or accounting, you simply must plan to be there.

Register now to lock in the lowest price and stay informed on all the latest Perform 2022 news.

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