Planful Champions Finance With Release of Predict: Projections and Enhanced Business User Experience at Perform 2022

Planful Champions Finance With Release of Predict: Projections and Enhanced Business User Experience at Perform 2022

Beyond the hours and hours of great content, sessions, and networking for finance and accounting professionals at Perform 2022, we announced pioneering product releases and enhancements. These innovations give the Office of the CFO groundbreaking new ways to improve the speed, accuracy, and interconnectedness of their budgets and forecasts.

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Predict: Projections Adds More AI Yet Keeps You in the Loop

We introduced Planful Predict in 2021 with the release of Predict: Signals. Planful Predict is our native suite of artificial intelligence tools designed specifically for financial data. Now, we’ve released Predict: Projections which significantly extends the suite’s power by enabling business users to quickly build accurate, AI-driven budget and forecast scenarios.

Predict: Projections allows planners to create trusted forecasts that link plans to business outcomes without bias. It uses a proprietary mix of AI and machine learning algorithms to generate a forecast that reflects the inherent trends, seasonality, and other variables the Planful AI engine has learned from historical data. But it also adds a Human In The Loop (HITL) capability so you have the ability to use or adjust the AI-generated forecast based on your preference. And, a detailed, graphical context around projected numbers makes the system explainable to end users.

Learn more about the new Planful Predict: Projections here.

New Business User Experience for Smarter Collaboration and Improved Alignment

Our reimagined business user experience is a major step forward in the preparation of accurate, actionable forecasts and budgets. It enables the Office of the CFO to natively collaborate with business teams so Finance is no longer bogged down with forecast collection and report generation allowing them to provide more insights to the business and advise them on their investments. This also enables business leaders to manage their business with insights into their finances, increasing collaboration with Finance to adjust spend within their organization.

Planful has always been designed to help finance plan confidently, close faster, and report accurately. These new enhancements now bring together finance and non-finance users in new ways for a more collaborative experience. Budget managers can now more easily edit and submit their plans. Finance users can then quickly up-level those insights while staying connected with non-finance users in an AI-driven process. The result is more accurate forecasts in the shortest possible time, saving hours and reducing friction along the way.

Learn more about Planful’s reimagined business user experience here

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