Planful Predict: Signals

Spend time where it matters. Enhance how you see planning.

Predict: Signals empowers users to take corrective action by surfacing variances and anomalies in data with AI-driven anomaly detection.

Eliminating mistakes, broken formulas or errors in planning assumptions, users gain direct visibility to adjust and validate scenario data before presenting confident recommendations. Predict: Signals augments an FP&A team’s intelligence, allowing teams to spend time where it matters most. No data science expertise required.

See How Planful Works

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."


How Planful Helps You

  • Stop being buried in dataIncrease automation in the planning process to save time on lengthy, manual tasks.
  • Rise above manual workScale your strategic advisory to the business to address overspending, underperforming areas.
  • Less worrying about errorsImprove data integrity to reduce costly risks and uncover unusual behaviour/

Streamline Accounting and Finance from Start to Finish

Accelerate access to actuals, create insightful reports and analyses, and manage financial and operational planning all within Planful.

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