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Predict: Signals for AI-driven Anomaly Detection

Flag risks, errors, and outliers with artificial intelligence (AI) so you can investigate and fix them before it’s too late.

Predict: Signals for AI-driven Anomaly Detection

Everyone Makes Mistakes, But Not Everyone Catches Them

Predict: Signals, part of the Planful Predict suite of AI/ML capabilities, identifies and surfaces suspect variances and outlying data with AI-driven anomaly detection that empowers you to take corrective action while you still have time. It automatically highlights potential mistakes, broken formulas, and errors in financial data before you present the numbers, publish reports, or make decisions. If a number seems off, Predict: Signals points it out so you can validate data with the business. No data scientists required.

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."

Robby LeBourveauDirector of Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."

You're in Good Company

“This is about decision velocity. Machines can make decisions 100 times per second. We’re lucky to make one per second. We’re even luckier if we can get out of management committee in four weeks. It takes us so long to make decisions. If you can’t get to that level of AI, you’re going to fall behind.”

Ray WangPrincipal Analyst and Founder at Constellation Research

How Planful Helps You

  • AI-driven Anomaly DetectionPredict: Signals flags risk, errors, and outliers, giving you time to collaborate, take corrective action, and move on.
  • Time to Focus on What MattersPredict: Signals takes on slow, manual error-checking so your conversations can center on higher-risk concerns.
  • Your Always-on Intelligent AssistantPredict: Signals reviews millions of data points and identifies potential errors, and it works 24x7 so you can do more.

Automatically Check for Errors Before You Report

Nothing undermines your work faster than a mistake caught in a distributed report. Predict: Signals analyzes and pressure-tests your data before reports are published, highlighting potential errors even seasoned professionals might miss. It’s like another pair of eyes working 24×7 so you can report out to the business with speed and confidence.

Test Organizational Roll-ups

There’s little time to check every spreadsheet and every datapoint as it floods in from sources across the business. Predict: Signals takes on the task of data validation to ensure the trends look right, entries are booked appropriately, and intercompany is reconciled correctly. And it calls out low estimates or overly-confident projections so they don’t get lost in organizational roll-ups.

Identify Which Variances Vary a Bit Too Much

When it’s time to analyze budgets versus actuals, it’s tough to see at a glance which variances might point to an underlying issue. Predict: Signals alerts finance, accounting, and business users to those anomalies for proactive cost management. Rather than you spending hours or days slicing and dicing data, Predict: Signals points you in the right direction.

Stop Actuals Errors Before Consolidation

As entities and business units upload actuals for reporting and consolidation, there are bound to be missed entries, over spends, or odd variances. Predict: Signals lets accounting teams validate millions of actuals automatically, and then points out probable errors and shows you where to dig.

Streamline Accounting and Finance from Start to Finish

Accelerate access to actuals, create insightful reports and analyses, and manage financial and operational planning all within Planful.

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