Predict: Projections for ML-driven Planning Baselines

Build accurate forecasts and budgets with machine learning (ML) so every planning cycle begins with a better baseline.

Predict: Projections for ML-driven Planning Baselines

Add a Dose of Reality (Plus Machine Learning!) To Your Forecasts

Predict: Projections, part of the Planful Predict suite of AI/ML capabilities, takes three or more years of historical data and puts ML to work reviewing millions of data points for automatic budgets and forecasts that kickstart your planning cycles with more than just averages.

Predict: Projections also provide upper and lower guardrails to keep teams on track by reining in errant assumptions, unrealistic expectations, and copy-and-paste budgets. Instead, start with an intelligent baseline that sparks meaningful conversations from the get-go

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."

Robby LeBourveauDirector of Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."

You’re in Good Company

“This is about decision velocity. Machines can make decisions 100 times per second. We’re lucky to make one per second. We’re even luckier if we can get out of management committee in four weeks. It takes us so long to make decisions. If you can’t get to that level of AI, you’re going to fall behind.”

Ray WangPrincipal Analyst and Founder at Constellation Research

How Planful’s AI/ML Helps You

  • ML-driven Planning ProjectionsPredict: Projections analyzes past data so planning and budgeting cycles can start with an accurate baseline.
  • Speed and ConfidencePredict: Projections uses advanced proprietary algorithms purpose-built for financial data so you can move faster.
  • No PhD RequiredPredict: Projections brings data science into your financial forecasting and budgeting workflows without requiring you to hire a data scientist.

Generate Large Scale Forecasts in No Time

Spending days building budgets and gathering forecasts wastes time and leaves too much room for errors and guesses. Predict: Projections delivers a realistic, data-driven baseline across plans using three or more years of historical data to guide and accelerate planning and budgeting efforts.

Accelerate Expense Planning With Intelligent Projections

Budgeting and forecasting puts a huge burden on the business to set goals and generate granular estimates. Predict: Projections kickstarts the process for business users by creating pre-filled scenarios based on real data for their portion of the business. Give budget owners a helping hand to ease their effort and validate their expectations.

Use Historical Data To Improve Cash Flow Forecasting

When you’re moving fast and the market is highly volatile, it’s hard to see when cash flow numbers are off, even when you’re checking them against last year’s results. Predict: Projections analyzes three or more years of historical data to project balance sheet account figures and cash flow values, with upper and lower bounds that clearly show what’s reasonable. Remove guesswork and risk with AI/ML that makes your cash flow forecasts more accurate with less effort.

Supercharge Variance Analysis With AI-driven Forecasts

Comparing today’s actuals with yesterday’s budgets only shows you how far off those estimates were. Projections uplevels your variance analysis to give business users more insights and focus conversations on exceptions. Then, as you compare AI-driven projections with business-created estimates, you can collaborate to finetune future forecasts for more accurate results.

Streamline Accounting and Finance from Start to Finish

Accelerate access to actuals, create insightful reports and analyses, and manage financial and operational planning all within Planful.

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