Planful Predict: Projections

AI-Driven Financial Forecasting

Planful Predict: Projections

Stay future focused. Link forecasts to business outcomes without bias.

Predict: Projections enable business users to quickly build accurate forecast and budget scenarios backed by AI-driven financial forecasting so planning cycles can start with a trusted baseline.

No more wasted time on updating numbers, finalizing plans with disparate data, or making decisions off static forecasts. Leverage the power of Predict: Projections to create trusted forecasts so finance teams can link plans to business outcomes without bias.

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."

Robby LeBourveauDirector of Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

"We can rely on Predict to indicate to us where we need to spend our attention and where we don't."


You’re in Good Company

“This is about decision velocity. Machines can make decisions 100 times per second. We’re lucky to make one per second. We’re even luckier if we can get out of management committee in four weeks. It takes us so long to make decisions. If you can’t get to that level of AI, you’re going to fall behind.”

Ray WangPrincipal Analyst and Founder at Constellation Research

How Planful Helps You

  • No more excessive amounts of time wastedProcess and validate large amounts of highly repetitive, low risk accounts
  • No more manual effort to gather dataGenerate a trusted baseline automatically so users focus on the exceptions
  • No more poor quality forecastsShift from archaic forecast methodologies to automated predictive forecasting

Streamline Accounting and Finance from Start to Finish

Accelerate access to actuals, create insightful reports and analyses, and manage financial and operational planning all within Planful.

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