Perform23 Day 2 Keynotes, Customers, and Sessions Show Impact of Treating Financial Performance Management as a Team Sport

Perform23 Day 2 Keynotes, Customers, and Sessions Show Impact of Treating Financial Performance Management as a Team Sport

Planful Perform23 continues with more customers, partners, practitioners, and industry professionals proving and promoting the benefits of treating financial performance management as a team sport. Over 400 people are attending the in-person Perform23 event in Chicago, while more than 1,000 have registered to join us virtually via the live video stream.

If you missed yesterday’s big news, we announced a range of product innovations including improved budget management features within the Planful for Marketing solution, extended AI capabilities to the Predict suite, and more. We also announced new Champions Club members plus Customer Award winners Rocket Software, Arcadia, Merchants Fleet, Togetherwork, and Zappos.

For those who couldn’t make Perform23, don’t worry; most sessions will be available soon to stream on demand. Here’s what happened on day 2 and what you can expect from day 3.

Keynotes Focus on Teaming Up for Financial Performance Management

Day 2 of Perform23 kicked off with Grant Halloran, Planful’s CEO, providing a perspective on today’s pervasive business growth challenges. Grant then highlighted the importance of the Office of the CFO promoting a team approach to financial performance management, and spotlighted Planful customers that continue to scale despite economic volatility. Grant also pointed to Planful’s continued business growth as proof that organizations of all sizes and industries are actively looking for ways to team up, gain agility, and face headwinds together with more accurate financial insights.

Kimberly Simms, Planful’s Chief Customer Officer, then hosted a chat with Planful customers including Andrea Sorenson, Director of FP&A at YMCA of The North, Lee Johnston, VP Finance & Corporate Strategy at LT Apparel, and Grant Brooks, Director, Corporate Finance, at FIGS. These finance and accounting leaders discussed how they’re able to outperform by using Planful team up on financial performance management using collaboration, visibility, and alignment across the business.

The Planful product keynote featured Grant and Planful’s CTO, Sanjay Vyas, sharing Planful’s approach to product innovation. They also detailed the importance of removing friction from financial processes inside and outside the Office of the CFO, and highlighted game-changing Planful product enhancements coming soon.

Planful Customers Share Tips for Reaching Peak Financial Performance

During Perform23, nearly 20 Planful customers are offering their expertise and sharing stories of how Planful is helping them be more agile and improve collaboration across the business. Professionals from FP&A, accounting, treasury, and marketing teams, along with several CFOs and at least one CIO, are taking the time to explain how they’re facing broader economic challenges with Planful as their financial performance management platform.

Perform23 day 2 featured sessions by Planful customers Abbott Nutrition, FIGS, Rocket Software, Zappos, Ten Lifestyle Group, IPG Photonics, AllCampus, Builders Mutual Insurance, Merchants Fleet, TogetherWork, and First Water.

Experts, Influencers Showcase the Power of Financial Performance Management

Day 2 of Perform23 had no lack of Planful product overviews and deep-dive product workshops. “Best practices” sessions focused on workforce planning and marketing plan integration, while additional sessions targeted accounting transformation and complex financial consolidations.

Planful’s product team and solutions experts detailed the platform’s innovative business user experience designed to enable budget owners, leaders, and others across the business to participate in the team sport of financial performance management. A product roadmap session also presented the future of Planful for Marketing.

In a lively and entertaining session, Planful’s Rowan Tonkin, CMO, and Dan Fletcher, CFO, shared their thoughts on how to overcome the perceived friction between their respective roles and groups. They also explained how collaboration and alignment between marketing and finance teams builds trust, improves communication, and creates the foundation to team up for peak financial performance.

Scott Todaro, Planful’s VP, Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Solutions, also wrapped up his four operational marketing workshops with “How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing” and “How to Lead an Operational Marketing Team.” These interactive sessions gave those interested in learning more about Planful for Marketing a hands-on opportunity with this purpose-built marketing solution.

Closing out Perform23 day 2 was noted industry expert Glenn Snyder, FP&A and corporate strategy executive. Glenn discussed building a scalable, world-class FP&A team using the right technology, people, partnerships, and strategies.

More To Come on Day 3 of Perform23

Perform23 isn’t over yet! Day 3 brings Planful’s product team and solutions experts to explain how organizations can take FP&A to the next level by driving more collaborative engagement across the business. Sessions will also show how to transform management and external reporting using Planful and Workiva, and how workforce planning helps organizations adapt to changing business needs quickly and easily.

Day 3 sessions by Planful customers will include Orange Comet, Kin + Carta, Filevine, Pilot Chemical Company, Kiewit, StackAdapt, and All Lift Systems.

Carl Seidman, industry expert, will also discuss coming disruptions, continued uncertainty, and how rolling forecasts and dynamic planning can help improve financial effectiveness and enhance cash flow and operations management.

Thank You

Thank you to the more than 1,400 of you who are attending, speaking at, sponsoring, and supporting Planful Perform23! Thanks also to the long list of Perform23 sponsors, many of which are leading or hosting sessions featuring Planful customers sharing their stories.

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