Inspiring Finance Leaders at Planful’s User Groups

Inspiring Finance Leaders at Planful’s User Groups

Planful recently hosted four captivating user group meetings. Kicking off in Houston, the momentum continued with an additional three sessions in San Francisco, Boston, and Minneapolis.

Hosted by Cam Moreau, Planful’s Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager, these gatherings prove to be an invaluable opportunity for customers and partners alike to foster meaningful connections in intimate group settings.

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What to Expect at a Planful User Group

The primary objective of these gatherings is to empower FP&A leaders with deeper insights into Planful’s product roadmap. Marketing leaders who are keen to explore the capabilities of the Planful product and gain insights into what the future holds are more than welcome to attend.

Beyond the technical aspects, these events also provide a unique space for attendees to mingle with fellow Planful users, exchanging experiences and insights. While on-site, attendees also have the opportunity to receive personalized, one-on-one support from Planful experts.

Learning from Peers and Experts Alike

A Senior Financial Analyst at a leading manufacturing company shared her positive impressions of a recent Planful user event, stating, “It was great to meet other Planful users and hear about their experiences.” She went on to mention, “Someone at our table was actually able to help us solve one of our biggest pain points. Big win in our book!”

A standout moment occurred in Boston when Luis Martinez Luna delivered a presentation centered around Planful Predict, an embedded suite of capabilities within Planful’s tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) .

Luis, the Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Rocket Software, discussed how Planful has revolutionized forecasting, improving accuracy and pinpointing errors with Predict.

The result? An increase in the efficiency of financial decision-making, which had a wide-reaching effect throughout Rocket Software’s global operations.

User group attendees were particularly impressed by Predict’s power to operate as an intelligent assistant, with the ability to analyze historical actuals and identify anomalies from error, formula mistakes, or misguided assumptions.

Ben Page, VP of Solution Consulting at Planful, concluded the session with a comprehensive overview of Planful’s product roadmap for H2 2023.

Attendees also received an exclusive preview of the upcoming product objectives focusing on Finance, Accounting, Marketing, AI/ML Suite, and Integrations. Another major benefit of our user groups is the opportunity to get hands-on with the Planful platform. All participants gain an up-close look at features and functionality and the chance to ask questions.

Don’t Miss Out

A user group experience with Planful is a hard-to-forget opportunity. For those looking to converse, collaborate, and exchange best practices with other Planful users outside of user group events, the Planful Engage community is a welcoming environment. It’s a dynamic space where connections flourish, knowledge is shared, and the Planful community comes together to thrive collectively.

Join the Engage community today and unlock a world of possibilities with Planful.

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