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How Planful Predict Helps You

The Planful Predict suite includes Predict: Signals, which helps you minimize errors, and Predict: Projections, which streamlines budgeting and planning forecasting.

Predict: Signals gives you AI-powered anomaly detection to swiftly identify errors and assumptions in your data while Predict: Projections uses past data to generate accurate predictive forecasts. Seamlessly integrate these AI-driven capabilities into your planning process to guide confident decisions based on data-backed insights.

Use Predict's collaborative features to tag colleagues and assign tasks effortlessly using Planful’s Dynamic Commentary. Resolve errors, investigate unexpected variances, customize forecasts, and fine-tune plans with precision that is always aligned across the Office of the CFO and each department.

Gain more trust in the numbers without taking risks on the technology or adding teams of analysts and data scientists. Predict gives you an extra pair of eyes to increase confidence in every plan, report, and analysis so your current team adds exponentially more value, today and tomorrow.

Follow the Steps Below to Get Started with Planful Predict: Signals

Start in Any Dynamic Report

Navigate to any dynamic report to get started in your reports folder.

Click the Predict: Signals Button

Click the Predict: Signals button and then select:

  • Signals for All Lines reviews your entire report for anomalies and potential errors
  • Signals for Selected Lines narrows your focus to one or a few lines.

Learn more about these capabilities in the Predict: Signals help article

Review the Signals

Drill on any individual entry to understand potential errors and anomalies.

  • Right-click on an entry, select Predict Signals, and then click Show Signal Context which displays predicted range vs actuals.
  • Hovering over any data point shows the forecasted value and the variance from the predicted value.

Find more help in this help article.

Collaborate as You Resolve Signals

As you investigate the risky signals and find a valid cause or want to share with a colleague deeper analysis, you can easily resolve them.

  • Right-click on an entry, select Predict Signals and then click Resolve Signals.
  • To keep track, you can select a reason for the resolution, add additional comments, and even tag someone as an assignee or to receive an alert.
  • Resolved signals then appear as comments in the report.

Find more help this help article.

Need More Help? Click Predict Support!

If you have questions or need more information at any step of the process, click the icon in the Planful toolbar for Predict support.

Uncover Errors and Outliers With Your Free Trial of Predict: Signals

Use this free trial to see how the vigilant guardian of Predict: Signals watches over your planning and budgeting efforts with intelligent anomaly detection that spots errors and flags errant assumptions.

Predict is like having an intelligent assistant at your side that is well versed in domain specific acknowledge of finance.
Luis Martinez Luna, Sr. Manager, FP&A at Rocket Software

Intelligent Anomaly Detection

Use AI to analyze historical actuals and identify anomalies caused by errors, formula mistakes, or misguided assumptions.

Automatically Categorize Risk

Train Predict in under 10 minutes for AI-generated risk categories (high, medium, low) that adapt to your data's dispersion and help you target queries to find underlying issues.

Comments and Resolution

Easily validate errors and clarify assumptions by tagging colleagues and assigning tasks via Planful’s Dynamic Commentary feature.

Add the Full Predict Suite To See Further, Faster With Predict: Projections

Once you’ve experienced the power of Predict: Signals, add the complete Predict suite to your Planful solution to create AI-driven forecasts and budget scenarios based on the variabilities of your unique business.

We can rely on Predict to indicate where we need to spend our attention and where we don’t.
Robby LeBourveau, Director of Finance, ProMach

AI-driven Forecasts

Generate more accurate forecasts in a snap using your historical data, providing more accurate baselines to speed budgeting and planning efforts.

Generate Projections by Account

Right-click on any line to automatically generate projections for that single line-item.

Adjust Variables to Suit Your Business

Use Advanced Fill to adjust projections by percentage or value and accommodate known business changes.


You got my attention, but I have a few questions first.

This trial gives you free access to Predict for a limited time.

Predict works as an intelligent assistant for all your planning and analysis requirements by helping you save time and making you more efficient and accurate using the power of AI and your actual data.

Predict: Signals requires at least 3 years of historical actuals as a minimum for the AI engine to learn from your data.

Yes, your data is absolutely safe. The Predict suite uses on-tenant training to evaluate your data. It does not use third-party services for training and your data does not leave your tenant.

Predict engine is built as a black-box AI engine for enhanced accuracy. We do not use a single algorithm but multiple algorithms, simulations, and mathematical models, and the outputs of all those are then stacked to generate the final results.

Yes. Predict: Signals is available in both reports (where you can detect potential anomalies) and templates (where you can potentially prevent errors from happening). The Predict engine looks at past months (closed periods) to generate signals based on actuals scenarios (e.g., consolidation reports) and it looks at future months (open periods) to generate signals on budget, forecast, and planned scenarios.

Yes. You can right-click on any signaled cell or set of cells and resolve them all. Once resolved, the anomaly flags for those GL values are then resolved across Planful.

Predict: Projections enables business users to quickly build realistic forecasts and budget scenarios using AI-driven financial forecasting informed by your historical financial data.

Simply right-click the line(s) you would like to forecast. You can create an entire AI scenario using Predict: Projections or use it in templates.

Accuracy is subjective to individual GLs or a group of GLs bundled together under a roll-up account for which you are searching for anomalies or generating projections. Planful has built our domain expertise into Predict to help generate more reliable and accurate insights and forecasts.

Try Planful Predict: Signals Today!

Experience the new AI way to plan and forecast. Start using Predict: Signals for a limited time during the trial period. Register for the upcoming webinar to learn more.

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