Celebrating Planful as a Global Great Place to Work on Certification Nation Day

Melissa Dreuth
Chief of Staff to CEO and Chief People Officer

Celebrating Planful as a Global Great Place to Work on Certification Nation Day

At Planful, “Teams” is one of our core values. It’s not something we put up on a wall to admire and forget. Instead, it’s something we work to actualize each and every day. We take much pride in making Planful a great place to work by empowering every team member at all levels to be part of our carefully crafted culture.

As Planful’s Chief of Staff to the CEO & Chief People Officer, it’s my responsibility to ensure all our employees feel and see our core values and behaviors exhibited in their day-to-day Planful experience. We’ve codified this into something that we call The Planful Way — a guide to how we act, how we delight our customers, and, importantly, what we expect from each other.

Today, on the Great Place to Work® Institute’s Certification Nation Day, I’m very proud that Planful has achieved Great Place to Work certifications in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and India for two years in a row! It is not about the awards, however, but the recognition of the hard work our team has collectively put into our culture.

Why does culture trump strategy?

At Planful, we firmly believe that culture means more than strategy as we work to achieve our business objectives. Frankly, it all comes down to the team.

While many organizations consider themselves a great place to work, few actually research it and gather quantitative metrics to prove it or point out the gaps. Over my career, I’ve always likened culture to an ATM. You need to make deposits regularly, whether they’re big or small, always to make sure you maintain a positive balance. There may be days when you need to make a withdrawal, but you can’t do that with an empty account.

This is why we’ve put a concerted effort into investing — through good times and not-so-good times — in programs that support employee wellness, career development, team bonding, and more. Working alongside the executive team, we’ve ensured Planful is doing it right. Great Place To Work Certification™️ adds credibility and validation to our efforts.

Great Place To Work Certification uses a proprietary model and platform from the Great Place to Work Institute to benchmark organizations and certify those best places to work in different industries and regions. Certification relies heavily on employee surveys and independent analysis. Job seekers can then use these certifications to identify companies offering a great company culture and an outstanding employee experience.

What our people say

We apply Planful’s values at all levels to build a global organization with an equal experience, no matter where you work or who you are.

Here’s how our regional teams around the world have responded to Great Place to Work surveys:

We’re a great place to outperform the competition, too

Turns out, being a great place to work also makes for stellar company performance. A person who is engaged and challenged at work also tends to perform stronger and have better work/life balance, which benefits the company at large.

Here are just a few ways Great Place To Work Certified companies outperform their competitors:

  • 550% faster revenue growth
  • 6% better stock performance
  • 6x greater chance of being recommended by their employees
  • 50% higher employee retention

Planful’s combination of revenue and profit growth in the first half of 2023 is a testament to the global team that makes it all possible. Planful is also named a Fortune Best Medium Workplaces™ 2023 and the Fortune Best Workplaces in the Bay Area™ 2023 — a true reflection of our strong company culture.

We’re so very proud to be certified as a great place to work, and we wish you, no matter where you work, a happy Certification Nation Day!

If you’re interested in joining Planful’s global great place to work, check out our open roles. Even if you don’t see something that might interest you today, send us your information anyway so we can stay in touch.

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