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How The Planful Way Supports Our People and Our Growth

How The Planful Way Supports Our People and Our Growth

As Planful’s Chief People Officer, I’ve had the privilege to witness Planful’s growth and transformation over the past three years. Not only have we refocused and reimagined how we bring value to the Office of the CFO, but we’ve also expanded our team and our presence globally. As we’ve gone through this amazing growth and continue to do so, we realized the need to codify our values to keep our team united. And so, we developed a set of behavioral principles that guide how we act each day at work, and that keep us on track towards our purpose: to enrich the world by helping our customers and our people achieve peak performance. Altogether, we call this The Planful Way.

Now. As we enter the next phase of business growth and expansion, The Planful Way has become even more critical as our guiding light in reaching these ambitious new goals.

Grant Halloran, as our CEO, takes an active role in defining and sharing our culture. He is passionate about the importance of The Planful Way, how it creates a unified understanding of our company’s core values, and how we use it to overcome challenges. Grant even called it “the ultimate ingredient in the recipe for success” at our recent company kick-off.

Critical to The Planful Way are our values.. They’re a set of shared behaviors and
practices we choose to embody and they guide our actions at Planful. We use them to bring our culture to life and to keep ourselves and coworkers accountable to making Planful such a great solution for our customers and such a great place to work (in the U.S. and Canada, India, and the U.K.!).

Planful’s core values are:

  • Customers: We put our customers first and strive to always do what is right for them.
  • Teams: We put our teams ahead of ourselves (and we celebrate our teammates!)
  • Progress: We value progress, not perfection.
  • Intention: We plan, work, and play with intention
  • Action: We have a bias for action and we encourage growth from failures.

For you, this all means that Planful offers an incredible professional opportunity to not only thrive in your own career, but to do so at a company that genuinely wants you to win personally and professionally and gives you a clear roadmap to make it happen. We take our culture seriously, we use it to hold ourselves and each other accountable, and we work hard to create an environment that pushes us all to be our best.

We currently have plenty of open roles and we’re eager to add bright, talented people to our team. Are you ready to take The Planful Way?

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