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Your workforce is both your organization’s greatest strength and largest single cost. It can be challenging to rise about the slow, manual, and disconnected processes that keep HR and Finance teams from being strategic partners. Collaborating with the business is crucial to manage talent gaps and leaders are counting on you to help them make decisions.

Buried in manual processes and disconnected systems?
Siloed approaches, detached from the business objective?
Stuck reacting to countless problems?

Build a resilient, productive workforce to stay on top of the disruptive business landscape.

Planful helps approach workforce planning with accurate and current data from the business, alignment across departments, and a people strategy articulated in the language for any audience.

Barbara Schroeck,Finance Manager

“Whenever we create a workforce budget, our HR data is instantly loaded into Planful, saving a ton of time for the managers when planning their workforce.”

Gain agility in the face of constant change

Connect HR, finance, and operational data together to let you plan for the workforce needed to meet your goals. Planful helps you highlight talent gaps, project people costs, and build an optimized headcount plan that can be adjusted in an instant to match market ups and downs.

Create trusted teamwork

Bring HR, Finance, and the business together to understand the bigger picture and strategically balance people, costs, and business needs. Planful helps build trust across all decision-makers, aligns growth with costs, and positions your people as the strategic assets they are.

Be prepared to proactively influence

Uncover the insights, modeling flexibility, and what-if scenario planning power to build and sell a winning workforce strategy that supports the business in achieving its goals. Planful elevates your financial IQ so you understand and influence the impact of workforce costs on your company’s financial health.

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Build plans with complete visibility

Stay on top of shifting business conditions with accurate workforce forecasts and real-time comparisons against plan and actuals. Then efficiently optimize the plan to close hiring gaps and adjust talent acquisition plans based on costs today and into the future.

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Manage collaboration with ease and control

Partner with the business to customize employee rosters and compensation requirements in line with the expectations of HR and Finance. Then drill down to monitor and analyze costs to guide decisions that advance your culture and productivity goals.

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Adjust scenarios as the business changes

Easily create and adjust multiple what-if scenarios to prepare for an uncertain future and think through potential actions. Then use combined budget and people insights to guide HR, Finance, and the business towards a flexible workforce strategy, goal-oriented retention initiatives, employee development strategies, and more.

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Be the change you want, not the change you have to deal with

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