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Drive Performance and Motivation With Precise Commissions Planning

Planful provides a structured foundation to balance incentives and team collaboration. From segmentation to revenue sharing, Planful’s sales commission planning gets you going in the right direction.

Precise Commissions Planning

Integrate CRM data for sales performance, territory segmentation, and revenue share so commissions are planned accurately

Clarity for Sales Leaders

Automatically determine sales commissions to ensure clarity and create fair rewards for the sales team’s hard work.

Motivation for Sellers

Incentivize sales reps to achieve ambitious targets without sacrificing team cohesion or profitability.

Consider Every Variable

Include factors like pricing (gross vs. net sales), payment terms, and delivery specifics.

“Finance and Sales developed, using the Planful template capabilities, a rolling sales forecast that is updated every month to extend the yearly horizon.”

Mark CohenVP of Finance, Thule

Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Compensation Data

View consolidated compensation trends and then focus on seller types to see the percentage of revenue, regions to see recurring revenue by type, and categories to highlight the best-performing sellers.

Assign Quotas and Tiers

Integrate CRM data to apply compensation assumptions, set individual quotas, and adjust on-target variables, and then factor in individual seller performance to determine achievement-based compensation by period that includes spiffs and one-time bonuses.

Create Detailed Compensation Plans

Develop compensation plan payee reports to view quota and tier assignments, break compensation down into different categories, filter by seller, and see opportunity source data directly from your CRM.

Get Started With Sales Commissions Planning

Learn how Planful helps you navigate sales commission planning easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

Get Started with Planful

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