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Get a Better View of New Bookings Plans Across the Business

Planful’s model templates provide a top-down model for setting and allocating accurate revenue targets quickly. Even with complex adjustments, Planful gets you going in the right direction.

Top-Down Allocations

Start with an annual target and quickly allocate it across every category.

Revenue Distributions

Adapt to changing assumptions for precise revenue distributions at every level.

Flexible and Scalable Models

Apply rules to cover nuances in seasonality, regions, product lines, contract types, and more.

"We now have consistency and clarity, and that gives us much greater confidence in the numbers we’re preparing for the business."

Ben BlakeFinancial Controller, CloudMargin

Get a Top-Down Approach to Revenue Planning

Get a holistic view of bookings and revenue recognition that starts with revenue drivers and key assumptions allocated across regions and product lines and sets targets based on revenue goals and that can be adjusted for seasonality.

Cascade Top-Line Targets Down to Bookings

Changes in top-line targets automatically cascade down to adjust revenue allocations across regions and product lines to show updated breakouts for underlying products and across different organizational segments.

Consider Every Factor to Accurately Reflect New Bookings

Manage opportunities by incorporating contract types, cohorts, total contract value, and booking dates. Adjust the number of days per quarter and booking days to streamline revenue recognition.

Get Started With SaaS New Bookings Planning

Learn how Planful helps you navigate SaaS bookings easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

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