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Align ESG Initiatives With Operational Practices and Environmental Goals

Planful can help capture details of carbon emissions and sources, including stationary and mobile combustion, electricity usage, steam production, heating, cooling, and upstream activities. With carbon hierarchy scenarios and nuanced planning, Planful gets you going in the right direction.

Monitor Drivers

Track every factor influencing emissions, from types of combustion to upstream sources, and more.

Track Emissions

Get detailed insights on sources by type and combustion modes.

Visualize Impacts

See the financial results of emissions and effectiveness of ESG initiatives.

Broaden ESG Management

Integrate comprehensive carbon emission tracking into ESG reporting.

"Planful helps us save time and increase transparency, and that enhances our value and strengthens our relationship with our global business leaders."

Lauren BissellFP&A Continuous Improvement Manager at Golden State Foods

Focus on the ESG Metrics That Matter

Easily explore entities, plants, mission types, and currency. Highlight scopes and activities, and then make your selections and watch as the data filters refines itself.

Explore Different Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Analyze avoidance and replacement offsets to see how changes in rates and initiatives influence your projections, all without the friction of manually managing templates and stakeholders across plants and entities.

Easily Report on ESG Emissions and Financial Impact

Deliver polished reports that explore scopes, present financial impacts, and compare targets, all presented in a clear and concise format.

Get Started with ESG Performance and Initiatives Management

Learn how Planful helps you understand ESG performance easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

Get Started with Planful

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