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Explore What-Ifs on the Way To Profitability

Planful provides a structured foundation for building contribution margin models quickly. Whether it’s detailing gross-to-net sales adjustments or exploring cost variances for specific customer and product combinations, Planful gets you going in the right direction.

In-Depth Analysis

See gross sales to net sales, emphasizing the management of discounts, concessions, returns, and rebates.

Drill-Down View

Slice and dice data across product types, channel, periods within the model.

What-If Scenarios

Assess various pricing and cost allocation strategies to optimize profitability.

Customizable Contributions

Analyze customer-product combinations for more granular insights.

"With Planful, I just build the report, do a little slice and dice, and there’s your information."

Lee JohnstonSVP, Finance, LT Apparel

Adjust Key Revenue Assumptions

Fine-tune revenue projections with key assumptions such as associated periods, customer-centric metrics, and product rates for individual items that flow through the models for P&L by product and channel.

Visually Represent Revenue Projections by Contribution Units

Analyze quantities, revenue by channel, and product types to enhance accuracy in forecasting across different strategies. Utilize top-down or bottom-up methodologies for modeling potential goals or free-form adjustments.

Manage Overhead Expenses and Allocations

Use built-in operating variance and allocation basis logic to adjust operating variances, and project gross profits and contribution margins instantly, even when flexing demand, refining assumptions, or analyzing overhead.

Get Started With Contribution Margin Analysis

Learn how Planful helps you understand contribution margins easily, quickly, and from a single source of truth.

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