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Ensuring the Security of Customer Data

The Planful approach to security, privacy, and availability.

At Planful, nothing is more important than the trust of our customers, and that drives our continuous investment and our multi-faceted approach to Trust. Traditionally, people have thought of Trust as a data security issue. Our approach is much more holistic, and includes:

  • Privacy: We never expose personally identifiable information, and respect global and industry privacy laws
  • Security: We use numerous technologies and techniques and invest continuously to maximize the security of customer data and exceed the security levels of the vast majority of on-premises FP&A implementations.
  • Availability: Our service will be up and running when our customers need it, our upgrades will be non-disruptive, and we strive to exceed the targets defined in our Service Level Agreement.
  • Performance: Our service will deliver consistent performance in-line with our users’ needs.
  • Transparency: We will give customers self-service access to system status, historical availability, and scheduled maintenance.

Download the white paper to learn more details.

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