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Roll with the Changes: How to Eliminate Surprises when Moving to Rolling Forecasts

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Say goodbye to outdated plans

Are you tired of surprises derailing your business goals?

In this talk with Carl Seidman, Principal at Seidman Financial and Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, we’re digging into how you can harness the power of rolling forecasts, an agile planning approach that keeps you ahead of the curve.

Rolling forecasts are an organization’s secret weapon. They offer real-time adaptability, keeping your plans in sync with the ever-changing business landscape—no more last-minute surprises.

But moving to rolling forecasts isn’t always a breeze. Watch to find out:

  • The most common headwinds teams like yours face when moving to rolling forecasts
  • Actionable steps you can make to adapt to rolling forecasts successfully
  • Considerations for assessing the right financial performance management platform to help you achieve your goals

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