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Webinar: Resilience and Empowerment - the Key to Financial Success

How can CFOs best help their organization navigate trials?

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Discover top tips on how to become a resilient CFO

CFOs and finance leaders have never worked harder, and are continuously steering their organizations through difficult business challenges.

It’s when we’re challenged that innovation, fresh perspectives and a heavy reliance on innovative uses of data can separate those who merely survive from those who can thrive.

In this webinar Steven Marconi, Chief Operating Officer at CloudMargin and Kimberly Simms, Chief Customer Officer at Planful will explore how CloudMargin pivoted from data processors to finance business partners through digital transformation.

You’ll discover how:

-Leveraging a single source of truth can increase consistency and clarity across the business
-CloudMargin achieved frictionless scenario-based planning across the team
-Real-time collaboration can free you and your team from the most time-consuming tasks and ensure alignment

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