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Webinar: Key FP&A Challenges and How to Address Them

How to improve the effectiveness of your FP&A function

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Improve the effectiveness of your FP&A function

One of the great definitions of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) is that it helps to manage a company’s value. This function has become more strategic and influential over time, guiding organizational performance and supporting the decision-making process.

However, there are many challenges faced by FP&A in turbulent times that can reduce its effectiveness. How can we harness the benefits from these upheavals?

Watch this webinar with FP&A Trends Group where Planful’s VP of Solutions Consulting Justin Merritt speaks on a panel of senior finance practitioners and thought leaders, where they discuss:

  • How to address and overcome the key challenges facing FP&A teams today, with real-life practical examples
  • Why treating financial performance management as a ‘team sport’ is key to improving business outcomes
  • Real life examples of how to improve the effectiveness of your finance function

Watch on demand.

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