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Webinar: AI's Impact on FP&A

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What are the role and challenges of AI in finance?

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the role of CFOs and finance teams in Financial Planning & Analysis, transforming how financial strategies are developed and executed.

AI-powered tools and technologies streamline data processing, enabling real-time analytics and predictive insights that were previously unimaginable. This dynamic shift allows CFOs to move beyond traditional, labor-intensive tasks and focus on proactive, strategic decision-making and value creation.

Watch this on-demand webinar with CFO Magazine Australia, where Dan Fletcher, CFO at Planful is joined by James Solomons, one of America’s top finance leaders, to examine how CFOs can uncover deeper financial insights, anticipate market trends, and respond swiftly to changing business landscapes, ultimately driving growth and enhancing your organization’s competitive edge.

You’ll discover how to:
-Embrace AI with the right technology
-Overcome the limitations of AI in finance
-Tackle data analysis challenges with Planful’s approach – by enhancing accuracy and efficiency

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