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AI in FP&A: Work Smarter, Not Harder

How can AI help you to do your job better?

AI continues to be one of the most talked about topics for organizations – yet finance professionals are struggling to see how they can incorporate it into their work.

FP&A Advisor Carl Seidman believes there is no question that bringing technology innovation and human insight together will empower finance functions to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their FP&A processes. And we should all embrace the change.

This is exactly what Luis Martinez Luna has achieved at Rocket Software, using Planful’s Predict AI engine – which provides anomaly detection at speed and scale.

Watch this engaging discussion and discover:

  • The current AI landscape and what capabilities are really needed by finance
  • Real life examples of how Planful’s Predict reduced cycle times and manual efforts at Rocket Software
  • How AI can help you do your job better
  • What the future holds for AI in finance

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