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WeStreet Creates More Accurate Marketing Budgets in Dramatically Less Time

Learn how the company uses Planful for Marketing.



Event date4/2/23

WeStreet (formally known at Tulsa Federal Credit Union) relied on shared spreadsheets to manage its marketing plans and budgets. But, manual processes and broken formulas weakened accuracy and trust in the data. The company moved to Planful for Marketing to improve marketing visibility, automate expense entry and reconciliation, and manage its strategic marketing plan.

Learn how Tulsa Federal Credit Union uses Planful for Marketing to achieve:

  • A reduction in weekly budget management time from 7 hours to just 30 minutes
  • An improvement in budget accuracy of 20% over past years
  • The agility to quickly react to internal and external factors with easy adjustments to its marketing plan

Download the customer case study now to learn how Planful helps marketing teams extract more value from every marketing dollar.

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