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Analyst Report

Mint Jutras Evaluates an Integrated ERP Suite Versus Best of Breed

Cindy Jutras of analyst firm Mint Jutras examines ERP solutions and finding the best one for your team.

The debate over an integrated suite versus a Best of Breed approach to software selection continues. Depth of functionality and ease of integration remain at the center of this debate. But today the stakes are higher. The pace of change and the risk of disruption are at an all time high.

Download the report to discover:

  • How ERP options and sentiments are evolving across the industry and which type of ERP suite is best suited for your company and team
  • How to get the most speed and agility out of your ERP solution to maximize team efficiency and financial reporting
  • How cloud and SaaS services can reduce overhead costs, create remote access, and improve team collaboration
  • Integrating your existing tools and software into an ERP system and using an ERP to improve your team’s workflow
Download the Analyst Report

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