Published September 15, 2021

Planful Unveils Performance, UX, and AI Enhancements to Its Continuous Planning Platform

More than doubles speed of data aggregation and calculations of large scale-planning and analysis models


Redwood City, CA – Sep 15, 2021 – Planful Inc., the pioneer of end-to-end financial close, consolidation, and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) cloud software, today announced major platform enhancements aimed at maximizing the performance, scale, quality, and agility of Continuous Planning at organizations of all types and sizes. These enhancements, introduced at Planful Perform 2021, include upgrades to the platform’s Operational Planning solution that will help businesses turn large, complex volumes of data into higher-quality insights and faster decision-making.

“Planful is committed to empowering its customers at every step of their growth journey, evidenced by our recent customer experience transformation, as they scale to have more complex models, greater amounts of data, and an increased need for business agility,” said Sanjay Vyas, Chief Technology Officer, Planful. “These enhancements noticeably improve platform performance, increasing decision-making velocity for finance and accounting teams for years to come.”

Enhancements to Planful’s Operational Planning

Upgrades to Planful’s Operational Planning module can dramatically improve overall data aggregation and calculation performance across the thousands of custom models leveraged by Planful’s customers. Extensive testing of the multidimensional engine upgrades indicate a minimum doubling of aggregation and calculations speed, and as high as 10x speed ups. “The larger the models, the more improvement users will see, turning massive amounts of data into critical insights, decisions, and actions even faster,” noted Vyas. Planful’s Operational Planning module is already seeing accelerated adoption, with custom model volumes growing 40% in the past six months.

The Operational Planning module extends Planful’s use in a business beyond traditional financial planning, and includes use cases such as: demand planning; sales and operations planning; labor shift planning; sales capacity planning; compensation modeling; customer renewal and churn planning; and, same-store sales analysis.

Additional Platform Improvements

Also included in Planful’s Platform upgrades today are numerous UI/UX improvements to the navigation and usability designs. These upgrades streamline some of the essential and frequent workflows, while simultaneously making first-use experiences even simpler for planning novices and business stakeholders in all corners of the business.

This week the company also announced new innovations within the Planful Predict suite of native artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) applications designed specifically for the Office of the CFO, with enhancements to Predict: Signals and the launch of Predict: Projections, an intelligent forecasting solution based on proprietary algorithms developed by Planful.

“PS Logistics depends on the Planful platform for all of its essential planning and financial processes. It not only speeds up our close, but lets us pull in operational data and improve our reporting to be more proactive. Despite our growing needs, Planful has remained one step ahead with its exceptional speed and scalability,” said Dwight Lloyd, Financial Controller at PS Logistics, one of the largest and fastest growing transportation solution providers in the United States. “With these latest enhancements, Planful is light-years ahead in terms of user interface, user platform, and financial reporting, while also ensuring the security, accuracy, consistency, and timeliness we require.”

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About Planful

Planful is the pioneer of end-to-end financial close, consolidation, and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) cloud software. The Planful platform is used by the Office of the CFO around the globe to streamline business-wide planning, budgeting, consolidations, reporting, and visual analytics. More than 1000 customers, including Boston Red Sox, Del Monte, TGI Friday’s, and 23andMe, rely on Planful to accelerate cycle times, increase productivity, and improve accuracy across the end-to-end FP&A process. Planful is a private company backed by Vector Capital, a leading global private equity firm. Learn more at

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