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Planful AI Co-Innovation Council

Co-Innovate With Us on Technology, Use Cases, and More

Join the Planful AI Co-Innovation Council!

Be a pioneer in Planful innovations by adding your insights to the collective wisdom of our customers. Your input will drive the future of the Planful platform as we work together on groundbreaking innovations to advance financial performance management technologies and techniques.

Influence Development

Add your feedback to our methodical advancements and influence new features and product directions.

Try New Capabilities

Check out pre-production and potential features like our upcoming GenAI experience in the Predict Suite, coming later this year.

Co-Innovate With Us

Share your insights to refine features, infrastructure, and research as we cover a range of diverse use cases across industries, organization sizes, and complexities.

The Planful Innovation Council has a direct connection with the Planful product team to ensure your feedback directly influences new enhancements. Members will have opportunities to: 

  • Provide and discuss new use case ideas
  • Vote on use case prioritizations
  • Review and provide product feedback
  • Gain early access to test and develop capabilities

Ready to shape the future of automation? Fill out the form to join the Planful Innovation Council!

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