Business Status for COVID-19

Last updated: March 17, 2020

As the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we at Planful are aware of our responsibility to our employees, customers, and partners during this critical time. We would like to assure our customers and business partners that the Planful business is geared to respond to any eventuality. We are continuously monitoring and evaluating the situation and will provide additional updates if necessary.

Below, is an FAQ related to our COVID-19 response.

What is Planful doing to ensure safety and continuity of services?

Planful has activated the following measures to ensure safety and maintain business continuity:

  • All Planful employees have been informed on how to exercise prevention measures issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). 
  • All Planful employees have been instructed to work from home and practice social distancing.  
  • Planful has halted non-essential business travel both domestically and internationally.

Does Planful foresee any interruptions to their services? 

Planful does not foresee a material impact on our services, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), or our support hours. Our preparedness planning has focused on ensuring continuity of service for our customers and protection for our staff, customers, and community. Our customer support team can continue to be reached via the regular channels.

What are the key elements of Planful’s action plan regarding the platform?

  • Software critical to servicing our customers, partners, and employees is available remotely and securely. We expect no disruption in services–even with our workforce working remotely.
  • We have 24×7 open communication links with our hosting service providers, and are monitoring local situations continuously.
  • With our state-of-the-art Production Management Network (PMN) and backup infrastructure, we can confidently run uninterrupted services from any of our Data Centers, along with our Technical Operations and Customer Support Teams, which have secure communications and remote access availability to work globally. 
  • We maintain and test our Disaster Recovery Data Centers, which provide an additional layer of service availability, in the event the primary data center(s) become unavailable.
  • Planful has hardware components in inventory and available at our primary data center, that can be leveraged in the event an urgent replacement is needed.

If I require assistance, who should I contact? 

All existing customer support portals, phone numbers, web sites, and contacts will continue to remain active. 

I have a different question. Who should I reach out to for help?

If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact: