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Give Budget Managers a Planning Experience They’ll Love…and Use!

The Budget Manager Experience is a user friendly one-stop shop that contains everything your budget managers need to budget, forecast, plan, and report.

Give Budget Managers a Planning Experience They’ll Love…and Use!

How Budget Manager Experience Helps You

Budget Managers

One-stop Shop Homepage

Give budget managers a simplified homepage that clearly lays out everything they need to succeed in budgeting and planning. It’s so intuitive, anyone can start using it today with zero training.

Focused Visibility and Tasks

Equip budget managers with secure access to the templates and reports that are essential for effectively overseeing their slice of the business. Shared templates seamlessly appear as assigned tasks, ensuring budget managers are well-informed of their “to-do” list.

Collaboration Made Easy

Access shared templates, collaborate through Dynamic Commentary, and gain insight through real-time reports without ever leaving Planful. 

Finance Teams

Fast User Adoption

Gain quick buy-in across the business by providing a budgeting experience everyone can agree on. By clearly assigning tasks, your whole team will know exactly what they are responsible for.

See User History for Control and Compliance

Track and manage the progress of budget submissions, approvals, and revisions for each shared template. Review any changes with a comprehensive audit trail or roll back to a previous version using Snapshots.

Elevate Your Planning

Speed up your forecasting season by bringing more of your financial performance management processes onto a single platform. Eliminate confusing back-and-forth email trails, messy spreadsheets, and frantic calls to find missing data.

How to Set up Budget Managers

Set Up Budget Managers

To enable a Planful user as a budget manager:

  • Navigate to Maintenance > Admin > User and Role Management,
  • Locate the user’s record, then change the support role to “Budget Manager”. That user will automatically gain access to the intuitive Budget Manager Experience view tailored to their permissions set in any templates shared with that user.

For budget managers without a Planful account, add a new user by following these instructions.

Share Budget Templates

Use the planning control panel to share entire global template single copy (GTSC) template’s default view or a specific view and Planful automatically creates a task on each budget manager’s dashboard and sends them a follow-up email.

Visit the template sharing help page for more detailed instructions.

Get Budget Managers Involved

Let your budget managers know you’re inviting them to a faster, easier, less aggravating budgeting process!

We’ve created an introduction video you can share with your budget managers that demonstrates how to navigate Planful. Copy and share the Planful Overview Video for Budget Managers with your budget managers to help them understand this new process!

Keep Your Budgeting Process Moving

Track your shared templates (here’s how) to see the status of each responsible budget manager and keep budgets moving along.


You got my attention, but I have a few questions first.

Budget Manager Experience provides a simple, frictionless experience for budget managers to update budget, forecast, and planning templates within Planful and without relying on emails, spreadsheets, and other slow, frustrating, disconnected processes.

There is no additional cost for Budget Manager Experience. However, budget managers must have a Planful user license to join in the fun. If you need additional licenses, please reach out to your account manager or

Spreadsheets create common frustrations around version control, formula and typo errors from manual data entry and copy-and-paste edits, inconsistent formatting, sharing via email, disconnected data, and more. Budget Manager Experience removes spreadsheets from the process. Keep the entire budgeting process within Planful by sharing your existing structured planning templates with a link and let your non-finance budget owners do their work right in Planful. You get instant access to budget data, track progress, ensure data security with permissions, and customize templates to fit your needs and each budget manager’s area, and monitor everything with a full audit trail.

Yes, and so can everyone else who uses Planful. The Planful Predict suite includes Predict: Signals, which helps you minimize errors by detecting anomalies in your data, and Predict: Projections, which streamlines budgeting and planning forecasting. Reach out to your Planful account manager to learn how to add Predict.

Budget managers must be Planful users, assigned a support role of budget manager in their Planful user profile, and templates must be proactively shared with each budget manager. This offers three levels of reassurance that only authorized budget managers have access to specific templates.

See step 1 above or head over to the help page to learn how to set up a new budget manager.

Give Your Budget Managers a Planful Experience

Need extra user licenses so your budget managers can begin collaborating with you in Planful? Connect with your account manager today.

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