Winter20 Brings More Beauty and More Brains to Continuous Planning

Winter20 Brings More Beauty and More Brains to Continuous Planning

You are the reason we work so hard to improve and advance our products. Everything we do at Planful is focused on you, to enhance your ability to deliver on the important work you do to drive your company’s success. What you need, how you work, where you’re challenged, and what you need to succeed — that is what drives what we do.

When we update our products, nearly all of the improvements and additions originate from our customers. Not just to modernize how you work and increase your strategic value, but to also give you more job satisfaction. In that aspect, we want our products to give you more of what you need, whether that’s time to collaborate, financial IQ, accuracy, stress relief, or simply the ability to get home at a reasonable hour. 

Coincidently, we just released another product update. Yes, Winter20 is here, and it’s simple, fast, and beautiful. But more specifically, it’s focused on a few key themes intended to better serve you:

  1. An enhanced, elegant user interface provides a more beautiful and intuitive experience so it’s easier to get your work done.
  2. Dynamic Collaboration enables you and participants in your FP&A process to collaborate in real time, easily communicate key insights and decisions, and understand the story behind the numbers.
  3. Automatic Data Refresh updates data in near real-time, substantially improving speed and performance and ensuring data and reports are always up-to-date.

There’s more to each of these Winter20 updates, plus many other enhancements, so let’s dive in.

Elegant User Interface

We gave you a sneak peek at our UI modernization a few months ago, but now it’s arrived in Winter20. We were driven by what you’ve told us and what we see all around us: modern is better. Things change quickly in technology, and how we interact with our phones and websites and devices changes frequently as well. We all demand an easy, fast, and elegant “view” of the technology we’re using, so we’ve brought it.

Winter20 brings a fresh look and a more usable interface, which makes it more intuitive and more delightful to use. You’ll use it more often and for more tasks, and new users will ramp up even faster than before. It’s not just a facelift, it’s a faster way to realize more value from your Planful investment. It’s also our latest evolution to bring the platform into our new brand identity.

It’s important to mention that this enhanced UI won’t cause any disruption in how you use Planful. It doesn’t require any reconfigurations or any changes to your implementation. Like any great software, the Planful UI seamlessly evolves without any interruption to your day to day use of the platform.

Dynamic Collaboration

You can comment on nearly everything you see these days, so why not within financial planning and decision-making solutions, too? We all know that numbers only tell part of a story. Now, you can tell the whole story in Planful, we’re pioneering dynamic collaboration for FP&A.

Winter20 lets you add comments to planning templates, dynamic and structured plans, reports, dashboards, and more — platform-wide, including when you’re using Planful in Excel. You can add notes, questions, or explanations to roll-ups and individual cells. You can tag colleagues in the comments, collaborate on specific items, and communicate decisions or explain assumptions to keep everyone in alignment. Comments can even be assigned to individuals, with those assignments automatically carried over to the task list in Planful.

This new dynamic collaboration lets you create a clear view into how business decisions are being made. What’s more, they create an official record of those decisions. When you later need to explain why a decision was made, you’ll be able to track back to the thought process through these comments. No one else offers this capability.

Automatic Data Refresh

Business data is always moving. When you run a report, you want to be confident the data is current. And you don’t want to slow down your process with manual clicks and wait-points. Winter20 makes sure you’re never working from old report data by eliminating the manual effort of updating the data. Whenever new data arrives or is saved in a template, reports will automatically refresh. No clicks required.

Automatic data refresh saves you time and the disruption of realizing your report data is in need of a refresh, all without you having to do a thing. Your reports will always be up to date. That’s simple and fast, and we think that’s beautiful.

And There’s More

Winter20 brings plenty of other innovations to your Continuous Planning journey. There’s been some tweaking to make naming conventions easier to understand and more consistent across the platform. We’ve added scheduling to dynamic journal entries to enable you to close the books even faster. We’ve uncluttered the scenarios workspace, and automated roll forwards from actual to plan scenarios. We’ve also increased the speed of data loading, data mapping, and calculations across the platform. 

Winter20 is just the latest in our continuing commitment to you, our customers, to empower FP&A to elevate the financial IQ of your organization, and to make your Continuous Planning journey that much easier. We’re eliminating those parts of your job that slow you down and increasing your opportunities to think more strategically, work with more accuracy, and become more valuable to your entire organization.

Simple, fast, and beautiful has been our mantra for product innovation, and Winter20 hits on all of those points. Each of the innovation areas we’ve highlighted above were designed to help in one or all of those areas, because you deserve a simple, fast, and beautiful solution to your FP&A challenges.

Winter20 is available now to all Planful customers.

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