Transforming the Last Mile of Finance

The “last mile of Finance” is generally described as the activities that occur after the closing of the books and generation of a trial balance – through 10-K/10-Qs and other regulatory filings.  The last mile includes the following:

  • Collecting and consolidating financial results from multiple divisions and systems
  • Generating and finalizing the consolidated financial statements
  • Management reporting
  • Board reporting
  • Presentations, press releases, and earnings calls
  • SEC filings and other regulatory reporting

Having an efficient financial close, consolidation, reporting, and disclosure process is essential to providing timely, accurate information to both internal and external stakeholders.  Most importantly, having the proper processes and software tools in place is critical to effectively executing the final mile of Finance.

This will be the topic of an upcoming webinar on August 24, 2017, sponsored by Planful and Workiva.  Learn how the we’ve paired up with Workiva to help our joint customers to improve the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting and disclosure – all while reducing their costs of compliance and freeing up valuable Finance resources to perform value-added analysis.

During the webinar, we’ll cover best practices in the final mile of Finance and review the latest software tools available to transform the final mile.  We’ll also highlight companies that are already on the right path.

Learn more and register here for “Transforming the Last Mile of Finance.”

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