The Operational Marketing Index

A consistent, relative measurement of your operational marketing performance and opportunities

The two most common questions we hear when we are talking with marketers about their marketing plans and budgets are, “What’s the best practice for this?” and “What do other people do?”

Those answers are hard to come by in marketing. There just isn’t a great amount of industry  benchmark data out there that can help marketers identify strengths and weaknesses, and help them close performance gaps. We tend to see retrospective, interview-based CMO surveys that are useful for identifying macro-trends, but don’t really give actionable insight.

We developed the Operational Marketing Index (OMI) to address that need. Through a small set of targeted questions, the OMI reveals the maturity of your operational marketing processes relative to other organizations. In addition, it provides actionable guidance on best practices to improve your scores in the areas you care about most.

The survey is free – see how your team stacks up here:

The OMI survey asks 8 questions about how you create and run your marketing plan, and 8 questions about how you create and run your marketing budget. The answers are simple selections from a drop-down menu, meaning you can quickly provide answers. But the questions and answers are crafted to yield real insight into the relative strengths and weaknesses in your operational marketing performance.

The OMI report gives you over 20 pages of concrete advice on how to advance the absolute and relative operational marketing performance of your marketing organization, and to understand how you fare compared to industry counterparts.

If you’re running your marketing plan and budget inside Planful, then we can show you in very concrete terms how to enhance your OMI score and the relative performance of your marketing organization versus industry peers.




Dan Faulkner is co-author of The Next CMO: a guide to operational marketing excellence, and the CTO of Planful, where he is responsible for the technical strategy and delivery of the world’s first AI-powered marketing management platform. Dan has 25 years of high-tech experience, spanning research and development, product management, strategy, and general management. He has deep international experience, having led businesses in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, delivering complex AI solutions at scale to numerous industries. Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, and Masters degrees in Speech & Language Processing, and Marketing. He has completed studies in Strategy Implementation at Wharton.

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